Author Showcase: Brocksport by Janice Ernest


The Book: Brocksport: The Maynard Junebug Series

The Author: Janice Ernest

The Story: Need to smile?

Come to Brocksport, sit down for a while with a fresh-from-the-oven piece of homemade slumpy apple dumplings at the Dixie Diner and hear stories of the citizens of Brocksport. This is the first in the series. The second is Brocksport, Back Again, in it the adventures of Brocksport and its citizens starts in October and continues through December.

Here’s what one reader had to say about Brocksport, The Maynard Junebug Series: “Like the nibbling of fish on the shores of Lake Cavenclaw, Janice Ernest has given us a tantalizing introduction into life in the small town of Brocksport. With a promise of more to come.

Life is never dull in this Dumpling Capital of the world! One never knows who might be chatting with Reverend Tudor or Sheriff Longhorn at the Dixie Diner. And Officer Maynard Junebug succeeds in creating just a bit of mayhem while being “a watch dog for all that is good and innocent.”

Filled with good people, like Maynard Junebug, and good fun, Brocksport is sure to remain the quintessential small town where the gossip is free and friendship is priceless. I can’t wait for more.

From a Review by Elizabeth Earle, RN, Mom, and Lover of a good story.

Review by Sharon Ellsbury:

Janice Ernest
Janice Ernest

Ms. Ernest does a wonderful job of descriptive writing. When I read this I was carried away to a most pleasant town filled with interesting stories and characters.

The character Maynard Junebug is our modern Mayberry law enforcer. Her use of humor is refreshing and so much fun to read. If you need to be taken away to fun place with interesting characters and sprinkles of humor throughout, read this.

Review by Avid Reader R:

Want a good chuckle?

Miss the days of Mayberry?

Then, you will love this!

I found the characters a hoot and am looking forward to reading more about their adventures in Brocksport.

Review by Caleb Pirtle III:

I love small towns in America.

And all of them are a little like Brocksport.

I know.

I have lived in small town America for much of my life.

Brocksport, as some have suggested, may be a parody.

It is definitely laced with good-natured humor.

But that’s the way it is with towns that occupy the American landscape far removed from Interstate traffic.

The characters Janice Ernest has created and writes about?

I know them.

I drink coffee with them down at the corner café most every morning.

Maynard Junebug, the cop?

He’s real.

He exists.

He is a fun-loving individual and the butt of everyone’s jokes from time to time, but small town America would be lost without him. And everyone feels a little better because he’s on the streets at night, and they all feel a lot better when he drop by to spend some time with them.

The characters of Brocksport are odd and eccentric and witty. By ten o’clock, they all know what each other has eaten for breakfast, and the rumor mills are flying about who did what to whom and why. But life itself is like the pie and dumplings down at the Dixie Cafe. It’s homemade and made from scratch.

Brocksport is  a town where people enjoy life.

None take it too seriously.

After all, tomorrow is another day.

If one day’s bad, the next is bound to be better.

The characters of Brockport will make you smile and often laugh out loud.

By the second page, however, you are already beginning to care deeply about them because, thanks to Janice Ernest’s strong writing, you know they care deeply about each other.

What do I think about Brocksport?

If I ever move, this is the place where I want to live.

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