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I am thrilled to be able to pass along this press release I received yesterday announcing that Western Fictioneers has awarded Jory Sherman its first ever Life Achievement Peacemaker Award.

Jory is a Pulitzer-nominated author who has written hundreds of novels over his fifty-year career. He is also a world-class poet who cut his teeth in San Francisco as one of the members of the beat generation. His Pulitzer nomination came from his classic Western epic Grass Kingdom.

Through my participation in the Northeast Texas Writers Organization (NETWO), I came to know Jory Sherman about five years ago. When I first began to write long form fiction, I hired Jory as my writing coach.  The time I spent with him was invaluable.  I have often told people that Jory gave me permission to write.

One thing Jory says to his students is that “all you need to write your book is already within you.”  I understand this to mean that an author’s life experiences comprise the fuel for his writing. All the fuel needs is a spark.

For me, Jory kindled that spark. He would praise me for what he thought I did well, and nudge me to do better when my writing fell short. He could be gracious and tough.

I spent a number of days sitting in Jory’s writing cabin talking about what made a good story. He, as much as anyone I have known, inhabits a world of ideas and creativity.  Even though he is approaching eighty, he continues to write page after page of timeless, poetic prose.

Congratulations, Jory.  Western Fictioneers couldn’t have made a more deserving choice.

For Immediate Release:Western Fictioneers (WF) is pleased to announce the recipient of its first Life Achievement Peacemaker Award: Jory Sherman.Venerable author, and poet, Jory Sherman has been chosen by WF (Western Fictioneers) as the first recipient of the Life Achievement Peacemaker Award. Sherman, of Muldrow, Oklahoma, has been writing and publishing for over fifty years for such publishers as Berkley, Avon, Zebra, Tor, and many others. He has published over 300 books, 500 short stories, and 1000 articles, an unparalleled accomplishment in the world of Western writing. His most recent Western series, Sidewinder, is published by Berkley (New York).Popular Western and mystery author, Livia Washburn, says this about Sherman’s award: “Jory Sherman is a towering figure in the Western genre, both as the bestselling, critically acclaimed author of dozens of novels, but also as a leading member of Western Writers of America, and now Western Fictioneers. No one in our field is more deserving of a lifetime achievement award than Jory Sherman.”Current WF (Western Fictioneers) president, and Western and mystery novelist, Troy Smith, is also a fan of Sherman. “Jory Sherman is more admired by his peers than just about anyone I know in the western genre. His paragraphs are poetry, his pages are paintings… he is a consummate artist,” he said, noting the author’s long career.Previous WF (Western Fictioneers) president, and award-winning author, James Reasoner, had this to say about Sherman, “Jory Sherman has been an inspiration, a mentor, and a good friend to his fellow writers for decades. Not only a prolific author of genre fiction, he’s also a distinguished mainstream novelist and poet. Jory is the elder statesman of the Western field, and the very embodiment of the term Lifetime Achievement.”Western Fictioneers (WF) was formed in 2010 by Robert J. Randisi, James Reasoner, Frank Roderus, and other professional Western writers, to preserve, honor, and promote traditional Western writing in the 21st century. For more information about Western Fictioneers (WF) please visit: or
Contact: Larry D. Sweazy, WF Awards Chair,, 317-773-9809

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