Art is what you choose to see in life.

Melting Men by Brazilian Artist Nele Azevedo.
Melting Men by Brazilian Artist Nele Azevedo.


Art is anything that results from human creativity.

I know a man who painted houses. His attention to detail, his imagination made his work art.

I know a man whose carpentry is an enviable work of art.

Writing can be art. And it is.

Photography can be art. And it is.

Music can be art. And it is.

Some smile in such a way that it becomes art.

Some do the same in the way they give a compliment.

Art can be so-called junk found in dump grounds – or abandoned at the curbs of city streets – and reconfigured and repurposed as furniture or lamps or wall decoration or whatever and, thus, put to use anew.

Art is not limited.

Except perhaps by lack of imagination.

Or maybe laziness.

Art can be costly.

Or priceless.

Or free.

Art is all about us.

Some see it.

Some do not.

I choose to see.

For art makes my life abundantly more complete, more meaningful, more purposeful.

Something of an art form in itself, you might say.

Roger Summers is a journalist and essayist who spends time in Texas, New Mexico and England and in a world of curiosity and creativity. He can be reached at

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