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A little humor makes the day go better, don’t you think?  Especially since the holidays often aren’t a laughing matter.

In the book business, we can get way too serious about things.  So I thought I would take this chance to post a few book jokes and solicit your favorites.

Joke 1:

Did you hear about the reader who complained to Amazon because her new Kindle Paperwhite wouldn’t display fifty shades of gray?

Joke 2:

How about the Indie author who heard all writers should be familiar with the Bible?  It was two weeks before he realized they weren’t talking about Jeff Bennington’s The Indie Author’s Guide to the Universe.


Joke 3:

How about the author who read that every writer needs to build an author platform?  He said he didn’t need one because his state had death by lethal injection. (You might have to think about that one for a minute.)

Joke 4:

A guy goes into a bar somewhere out in the Old West.  He stops in a saloon and orders a beer.  When he looks around the room, he notices he is the only person there.

“Where is everybody?” he asks the barkeep.

“They’re all watching the hanging?”

“The hanging?  Who is being hanged?”

“Brown Paper Pete,” the barkeep says.

“Brown Paper Pete?  How did he get a name like that?”

“Well, all his clothes are  made of brown paper.  He has a brown paper hat, wears a brown paper shirt and even his jeans are  made of brown paper.”

“Really?  What are they hanging him for?”


Okay, that wasn’t really a book joke, but the famous Western author Jory Sherman told it to me, so I thought it bore repeating.

Joke 5:

What do you get when you cross an Indie author and peanut butter? Either digital peanut butter or a vampire  e-book that makes your Kindle stick to the roof of your mouth.

Joke 6:

Did you hear about the author who wrote a novel about Twitter?  He couldn’t keep it under 200,000 words because he wanted to use all of his 140 characters.

Joke 7:

How about the Indie author who bought his friends’ books and gave them honest reviews only to have Amazon take them all down? Amazon told him that “verified purchaser” only applied to two groups of people: 1. those who hate the book and 2. those who work for a traditional publishing house. (Okay, that’s not a joke, but it is funny, or maybe not.)

Seven is a good place to stop.

Oh wait, here’s a bonus one.

Bonus joke:  Did you hear about the blonde reader who got an overdraft notice from  her bank and decided she needed to stop downloading so many free e-books?

So, now it’s your turn.  Heard any good book jokes lately?


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