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Louisiana Cypress

Photographer: FCEtier



IT WOULD HAVE BEEN HARD to find me on Mardis Gras Day, 2011.  Not because of massive drunken crowds pushing and shoving to catch a string of beads. Not because of a throng of people packed into a dining room reaching for another piece of King Cake or another serving of gumbo or  turtle sauce picante.

Most of my time that day was spent inside the cab of my pick up truck, parked on a deserted bridge over Little Creek waiting on a driving rain storm to subside.  Several miles southwest of Mangham, Louisiana is a world away from Mardis Gras.

Locals drive by this scene daily and seldom look twice. When I set up this shot, I thought I was seeing double. It was exciting to fit both the subject and its entire reflection into the frame.  It isn’t hard to find a setting like this in Louisiana.

Sometimes all you have to do is look out the kitchen window. Sometimes you simply have to take your foot off the accelerator and stop and smell the roses — or in this case, the swamp.  The aroma is unique. It’s special. It smells like home. It’s unforgettable.

FCEtier at work
FCEtier at work

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