All the way with Beltre

The swing of Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is pure poetry. Photo courtesy of

Forget Mighty Casey, Beltre’s at the bat.

Mighty Beltre’s at the plate,

Fans near and far scream: Oh, Great!

Pitcher Wade Miley confronts his fate,

Gulps, knows he can no longer wait,


Curver? Slider? 90-plus MPH fast ball?

Will anything in his repertoire work atall

The batter is the Silver Slugger, after all,

Drops to one knee, often slams it over the wall,


Twenty years in this great game,

Now this special moment in his fame,

From Cooperstown, Pudge takes note,

Like those at the Ballpark , Beltre gets his vote,


So here, nervously at 3:20, comes the throw,

And, my goodness, wouldn’t you know

Beltre connects, stand-up double, his 3,000th hit,

Poor pitcher exclaims: uh, Holy Snit,


Well, maybe something rhyming with that,

But pretty sure he didn’t utter, “oh, drat!”

Beltre! Beltre! comes the loud, loud shout,

Honor the hero, that’s what it’s all about,


Salute this Gold Glover, but do nothing you will dread,

Word of caution: Don’t dare touch the top of his head!


(With apologies to poetry.)


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