adCaleb and Linda Pirtle Services: Part 3

This week we will be reviewing the services that are included in the Professional Bundle and I’m happy to answer any questions in the comment section below!


The Professional Bundle is designed for professional authors who are wanting to raise the bar on their career and take it to the next level.

The Professional Bundle includes: Rotating book ad for 12 months on reader relevant pages, Monthly ad and/or contest online, Once a month email to readers, Monthly newsletter & analytics, Monthly industry blog email, Like, Know, Trust email package (3), 2 book of the moment posts, VIP access to Caleb and Linda Pirtle blog archives, Created graphics for book of the moment posts, 1 book review request, Author page on Caleb and Linda Pirtle, and Professional industry contacts.

I’m not going to review the items above that are also in the Starter or Distinguished Bundles, you can click here for that information.


*Created graphics

Caleb and Linda Pirtle will create social media and website graphics along with targeted verbiage, hashtags, and links to streamline BOTM postings online, email, and expand a targeted reach online organically. 


*1 book review request 

Author will request a review of 1 book per year. Caleb and Linda Pirtle will post the title on NetGalley and will contact it’s large list of reviewers who read the applicable genres. All reviewers who respond will post review by deadline set by Caleb and Linda Pirtle and author. Average amount of reviews will vary, but usually a good amount of reviews result from the request and a fair amount of bloggers who will post as well.


*Author page on Caleb and Linda Pirtle

Caleb and Linda Pirtle will create an exclusive author page on it’s website for readers to directly find your information. Information included on your specific page: author picture, long bio, website, latest release book graphics with author pages on separate platforms and social media links with one social media account streaming onto page.

*Professional industry contacts

Caleb and Linda Pirtle has an extensive list of Professional Industry Contacts at a variety of price levels to meet the industry needs. This includes, but is not limited to, beta readers, editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, cover designers, website creators, social media managers, public relations, marketing, agents, publishers, distributors, audiobook actors, audiobook companies, product line creators, writing courses, training, etc. Caleb and Linda Pirtle will connect the author with price and genre appropriate vendors.


Next week, we will go over the services offered in the Master Bundle.


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