adCaleb and Linda Pirtle Services: Part 1

This week we will be reviewing the services that are included in the Starter Bundle and I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the comment section below!


The Starter Bundle is designed for authors who are looking for valuable industry information and advertising on a minimal budget.

The Starter Bundle includes: Rotating book ad for 12 months on reader relevant pages, Monthly ad and/or contest online, Once a month email to readers, Monthly newsletter & analytics, and Monthly industry blog email.


* Rotating Book Ad for 12 months on Reader relevant pages

Your book of choice that rotates for the length of your membership on all Reader relevant pages (Example: If you are a romance writer, your book would appear on a rotating ad space on all romance blog/author postings and pages). You can change your book up to 3 times a year. This ad will link directly to the distributor of your choice. You can update your ad preference in your Glip account. have questions about Glip? Review this short video here.


* Monthly Ad and/or Contest online

Caleb and Linda Pirtle will utilize different contests to advertise monthly and/or work with you to approve a group contest that is applicable to your genre for the proper benefits (readership emails). Each month it will vary based on genre, popularity, what’s trending online, etc. There will be a monthly advertising budget for the contests as well. Any contests you participate in, you will receive the email list results the next month after the contest is closed.


* Monthly Newsletter & Analytics

We will send out a monthly newsletter highlighting the top postings, ads, stats, and blogs as well as industry relevant information. Website stats will be from 60 days prior (Example: In July, you would receive the website stats and data from May).


* Industry Blog Email

You will receive an email on industry blogs and postings that Caleb and Linda Pirtle has created for its members. This will be extremely relevant information and assist you as an author in taking your craft and career to the next levels.


Next week, we will go over the services offered in the Distinguished Bundle.


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