The Vision of Here Comes A Mystery

Caleb and Linda Pirtle have found a deep love for the art of storytelling and have developed Here Comes A Mystery to showcase, promote, and market their mystery and thriller novels. While Caleb prefers writing noir and psychological thrillers, Linda focuses her work on cozy mysteries. He finds suspense wrapped primarily in historical fiction, and she investigates the gentle side of death. Both genres can produce haunting and disturbing results whether the story takes place on the war-torn landscape of Europe or along the calm, peaceful waters of Caddo Lake, decorated with Spanish Moss in the oaks and wrapped in mystery. Their novels all have one thing in common. Nothing is ever as it seem to be.

Pirtle is former travel editor for Southern Living Magazine and served for twenty-five years as editorial director of a custom book and magazine publishing company. He is a screenwriter with three motion picture and TV movie credits, and he is the author of more than seventy published books.

Many of his books were nonfiction, dealing with historical and travel. His full-color, coffee-table book, XIT: The American Cowboy, became the third best-selling art book of all time when it was published.

Educator and former English teacher Linda Pirtle, has written and published her first two cozy mysteries, The Mah Jongg Murders and Deadly Dominoes. The novels form the cornerstone of her series on “The Games We Play.” She is presently researching and writing her third novel, Tarot Terror, set in the red rock country of Sedona, Arizona. The Mah Jongg Murders was named Book of the Month by a marketing and promotional firm in Great Britain.

Although Here Comes A Mystery will focus on mysteries, thrillers, and romantic suspense, both Caleb and Linda believe that every successful novel has a mystery woven into its fabric, regardless of the genre. As a result, Here Comes A Mystery will continue to assist authors around the world by providing a venue in which they can market and promote their own novels.

As the Pirtles firmly believe, “Writing is not a competitive business. It is a cooperative venture. Authors have a much better opportunity to succeed when we all strive to help each other reach book buyers in a difficult marketplace.”