Aaron D. Brinker: One of the Top 50 Indie Writers You Need To Be Reading

Not afraid to cross spiritual with supernatural in a way readers won’t soon forget.

Aaron D. Brinker is an Author who loves multiple genres. Growing up in a military home, he learned to love different cultures and climates.

He is 35 and married to a beautiful and wonderful wife. They make their home in the Ozarks of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

His love of multiple genres is present in my stories.

As Aaron says, “I love to write Fiction. I write Horror, Fantasy, Christian Fiction, and Thriller genres.”

Feel free to check out his website at www.aarondbrinker.com

Aaron is quickly becoming known as the king of the Short Reads. O’Henry would approve of both is style and his endings. They grab you and don’t let go for a long time.

Aaron D. Brinker

Second Chances

Chaun Hutchins was like any normal 32-year-old. He had a wife, a degree, a full-time job, a comfortable home, and a baby on the way.

An accident turned his world upside down, but not before he uttered words for which he can never make amends.

Haunted by his past, and events that neither he nor his family can explain, Chaun must find answers to his dark troubles, before his past destroys his future.

Review by D.L. Finn: Second Chances is a story of anger, an accident, and the outcome of that. Guilt and having to go on is Chaun’s life now after a car accident but, strange things begin to happen around him. While his family deliberated on this strange situation,

I found myself rooting for a good outcome for the circumstances that would have had me running for the hills. This book offers a new chance at life, along with the paranormal that is determined to ruin that. There is also relationships, family and forgiveness.

The story had a very journal-like feel to it and I was surprised how long the family took to get to that aha-moment, but it was a unique tale with a refreshing result I didn’t see coming. As a bonus, there was a hockey game included and I’m a big fan.

This story is a reminder to “think before you speak” because in life you never know how fast things can change.

Mane of Redemption

After his Good Samaritan personality lands him in the hospital, Jude Crenshaw is given a divine gift. He roams the streets of New York, using his ability to grant redemption to those worthy.

With the dark forces of Hell planning an attack, Jude must prepare himself for the task he was chosen.

Will he succeed in his battle against the elements of our deepest nightmares?

Review by P.S Winn: If you need a great short story, you could pick any of the many this author writes and be ecstatic with your choice.

This short story has Aaron Brinker taking readers into an intriguing good vs evil short story. Two men, Adam Campbell, and Jude Crenshaw are going to find out a lot more than they probably wanted to know about good and evil when the men are each subjected to a different view of life.

For Jude, it is good; for Adam it is evil.

The author has crossed spiritual with supernatural in a way readers won’t soon forget and a story that is highly recommended.

The Narrative of Benjamin White

Legends are born with every war. The name Benjamin White was no exception to this fact. After the battle of Tel El Kebir in 1882, White went missing.

The last evidence of him were footprints leading away from a body in the desert.
Twenty years later, a soldier returns to find answers. Rumors lead him to an oasis, and to a man who may hold the answers to the ever-growing mystery that is Benjamin White.

Review by Stephanie: This book left me thinking about it long after I finished it. I was heartbroken in the beginning, sharing the incapacitating load of guilt carried by our main character. Not enough can be said of the horror and destruction that is guilt.

If reason could only defeat the virus-like nature of the emotion, so many of us could walk away from trauma and tragedy so much healthier! Of course…I guess if reason had that much power over destructive emotions, we’d have far, far fewer wars, to begin with.

As I continued to despair for the poor character in his self-imposed prison of misery, I was surprised and [pleasantly] distracted by a very unexpected twist in the story. Very clever!

Regaining Power

Claire Christensen is like many young professional women today. She has a degree, a home, a job, and a husband.

She finds solace in physical darkness that is a metaphor of her last three years of surviving abuse.

She wonders how long the darkness will continue. (

Half of the Author Profits will go towards The National Domestic Violence Hotline.)

This story contains graphic language and content.

Review by Samuel Crippin: This story touches on things that most people are comfortable with ignoring. Yes, the work has some strong language and touches on sensitive subjects, but what else will shine a light on this important matter?

Written in a way that leaves the reader begging for more, this story has a lot to offer for anyone with loved ones suffering from domestic violence or anyone suffering from it first-hand.

Kudos to Aaron Brinker, the writer who isn’t afraid to show he’s willing to help.

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