A Time to Tango with Words

Creativity has always been the right answer to much of the adversity our humankind has experienced over millennia.

Part One

I am not completely clear with the notion of what I have lost or what I have gained in the last two years when our lives were restricted and somehow narrowed, compromised, localized, and impoverished, but I’ll try to shed some light on my choices in the last two years.

Every year, over the last thirty years, I have traveled from Australia to Europe for various reasons. Some were of a private nature, to visit my family, whilst other reasons were related to my profession as a novelist.

I visited Spain and lived there as a writer in residence writing a trilogy for which I obtained a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry promoted my books that were published in various European cities.

I also had time to accompany my daughter in the worthy pursuits of her career in Art Curating.

It all abruptly stopped in 2020, and my life, like the lives of many others, became more narrow, less inspiring, and worrisome with an uncertain, almost bleak, outcome.

Branka Cubrilo

As an author, I am a creative individual, so I chose to respond to such a new, different, and perhaps boring way to live with my creativity. Creativity has always been the right answer to much of the adversity our humankind has experienced over millennia.

It has produced the most beautiful and worthy pieces of various art forms, including the art of writing books.

We all are well aware of the frailty, the transitory nature, and the shortness of human life. We are aware of the qualities and impact of the work we leave behind and to a certain degree, we are aware of the purpose of our endeavors.

My calling was to write books, and I obeyed that silent agreement by starting my writing career early and in different languages. Now that I had more time than ever, in a time of conflicting ideas and news, I buried myself in books. I started writing new books and translating my own work for different publishers and markets.

What brightened my year in 2020 was the publication of my collection of short stories Three to Tango and Other Tales with my permanent publisher in the States.

I have published five books with the same, reliable, and respected US Publisher.

Even though there wasn’t a usual book launch, the book captured fairly good interest, first here in Sydney as my friends and acquaintances wanted to obtain it, read it as many of us had more time in that particular year, many wanted to escape the bleak reality to another world full of Tango intrigues.

I had joined the community of Tango lovers years ago, and there was, as well, great interest and feedback from some of the tangueros and tangueras across Australia and other countries as well.

They helped me tango with my words.

Part Two will be published tomorrow May 5.

Please click HERE to find Three to Tango and Other Tales on Amazon.

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