A strategy on how to follow and be followed on StumbleUpon.


Doesn’t it seem logical that the more connections (friends, followers, etc.) you have, the more potential there is for more exposure?

Remember the cocktail party analogy I mentioned in part one of this series? No doubt, most readers of this column have some experience in networking, both in person and online (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others).

Building a sizeable following on SU is a bit different than other forms of social media.

The main reason SU is different, is that it isn’t a traditional social media site. It’s a link-sharing and traffic building site. You cannot contact your followers directly with personal messages. Unless you have connections with your followers on FaceBook or Twitter (or other methods such as direct e-mail) about all that can be done on SU is to send them a link and hope they click on it.  Reciprocity is the key.

Here’s what I’ve done.

Examine image 3b.  You’ve seen this before (if you’ve followed this series of articles).


It’s my profile page.  This time, I’ve circled in gold, the link to my list of “Followers.”

I’m ready to get more followers.  So, I’m going to follow more Stumblers — follow and be followed.  If you follow enough other members, eventually some will follow you back, especially if you vote for their links.

When I click on “Followers,” the next window opens and is shown in image 7.


Here are five other members of SU that I’m currently following. Take a look at each of these five and notice how many other members they are following and more importantly, how many followers they have.

NickCobb (circled in gold) has 2,381 followers. He’s also voted over 31,000 times. think he’s active on SU?  You bet!  Would I like to be one of the members he follows? Sure.

Let’s click on his profile.


Whoa. He’s only following 107 people.

I wonder how he chose them.  I’m going to follow all of those 107 members that have over 100 followers each.

Does my logic make sense?

Can we consider one who has lots of followers, but follows only a few to be an “influencer?”

I follow people I know and like, regardless of how many followers they have.

I follow people with lots of followers for the potential exposure.

Then I follow the few that they follow.

Follow me, and I’ll follow you back: http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/FCEtier/likes

Back in lesson 3, we shared a link with other Stumblers.  In lesson five, we’ll learn how to check and see how many votes we got — and who voted for us.

Please place questions, suggestions, and your experiences with SU in the comments section below.

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