A mid-year thanks to our readers

Caleb and Linda Pirtle
Caleb and Linda Pirtle


The coming of July causes me to reflect on the first half of the year and to ponder what lies ahead for Caleb and Linda Pirtle in 2013.

Since the inception of Caleb and Linda Pirtle, we have published about 2,400 blogs. Add the over 1,600 serial chapters and we are now over 4,000 posts.

Readers have honored us by reading well over half a  million pages of content on our site.  Many visitors comment on our blogs, and we have built a virtual connection to people around the globe.

This year has seen the introduction of The Authors Collection on Caleb and Linda Pirtle, a group of fine authors who produce blogs twice per month and provide us a glimpse into the minds of working writers.

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We have also moved deep into serials.  Readers will find eight new serial chapters each day, if they care to read along.  All these chapters are archived so that if a reader comes late to the party, she can back track and catch up on the story.  When a book finishes its run as a serial, it reverts to the Serials Hall of Honor where a reader can always find the first chapter of the book and hit a buy button to purchase it on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.

Much more lies ahead as the year progresses and the book world evolves in front of us day by day.

But the main thing is that all of us here at Caleb and Linda Pirtle want to thank our readers for their support.

VG is a labor of love for Caleb Pirtle and me. (Okay, sometimes it’s  more labor than love, but you know what I mean.)  What makes it worthwhile is the interaction we enjoy with readers and writers. The community of book lovers is a generous one where people are quick to share something that may help, to offer an author a hand up, to engage in the give and take of the digital revolution.

Thanks again for dropping by.  Whether it’s your first time to visit Caleb and Linda Pirtle or your hundredth, we hope to see you again soon.

Also, if you want to receive occasional updates about the happenings at VG, please take just a moment to sign up for our email list.  We will send you a free book as a token of our appreciation.

Now, back to work.

See you again soon.

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