A Grand Night for Meet the Author at Indie Book Source

Join Meet the Author for an archived edition of the historic 100th episode of Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

Tonight will be a start-studded night for Meet the Author at Indie Book Source.

The popular podcast will celebrate with its one hundredth episode.

Join the show and explore the literary minds of a half dozen outstanding authors whose books and novels cover a multitude of genres.

Joe Congel: Crime Thrillers

Jahmil Effend: Action and Adventure Fantasy

Marjorie Doering: Mystery and Suspense

Genaro Torres-Celis: Self-Help through Psychology

Tory Gates: Children’s Time Travel Fiction

Douglas Gardham: Literary Fiction

You ask can questions and learn more about their books, their writing, their ideas, and their inspiration for storytelling tonight, March 15, at 7 p.m. EST on Meet the Author at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

The authors will be waiting to hear from you.

Dead Is Forever by Joe Congel

Tony Razzolito, AKA the Razzman, is tired of dead-end sales jobs and refuses to get another, despite a huge blowout with his wife. Instead, he decides to pursue his dream of becoming a PI. He just has to figure out how to get started.

Just hours later, Tony receives a phone call from his friend, Detective Joe Humphrey – his wife has been murdered. The devastating news sends Tony’s emotions on a roller coaster ride he didn’t expect. Yes, their marriage had issues, what marriage doesn’t? But now… now he would never have the opportunity to work things out, to make amends, or to say he’s sorry.

Shocked, pissed off and emotionally overwhelmed, he is determined to find the killer and insists on helping Joe with the investigation. When clues to another woman’s death tie the two crimes together, Tony may discover that some secrets about his wife are better left hidden.

Age of Imposters by Jahmil Effend

Expected by his allies to be praised for his accomplishments in ending the genocide of a people, King Aron finds himself gifted with a twisted reward, the return of his brother, Prince Dorian, from the dead. Now he must protect his crown from the rightful Prince’s grasp, all while trying to avoid a devastating civil war in the Breezelands. In his quest for peace, he finds that not everyone close to him can be trusted.

The Princess, Ryleigh, mourns the death of her lover and best friend, Gaia, but she will not stop until House Solomon falls, no matter how great the risk. Ryleigh’s prime target is her grandmother who she blames as the catalyst of her pain. It is not until she realizes the truth of her lineage that her role is fully revealed. The stakes of her decisions will shape Caldonia. And she is all in.

Bright but built bitter Fabian carries the weight of a heavy task. He must make the Low King proud; he must dismantle the very High Council which gives him power. Fabian has a full proof plan, executed expertly in the shadows, but sunlight has a way of reaching even the furthest creases. The question is not who will stop him, rather whether or not it is already too late?

Meanwhile, at the side of Prince Dorian, Asher finds himself wrestling with the consequences of leaving his husband. He pretends he doesn’t long for love, instead focusing on how to aid his grace in acquiring power, risking not only his future, but the future of the realm in the process. Broken by years of mistreatment, Asher must decide his own fate even if it kills him.

Remains by Marjorie Doering

Detective Ray Schiller is no stranger to crime scenes. When he sees the blood-soaked rug, it’s obvious that the victim didn’t make it out alive. Unfortunately for Ray and his partner, vital forensic evidence is hard to come by when the corpse is missing…

With lives on the line, Ray’s department has no choice but to accept help from a psychic. To Ray, psychics are nothing more than scam artists. But even he has to admit that her premonitions are disturbingly accurate…

To stop the killer from striking again, Ray may need to first uncover the psychic’s secret…

DO: The Path of Continuous Growth by Genaro Torres-Celis

Truly enjoy your Do (“doh”), your path, your truth. With this book, you will:

– Uncover your gifts, purpose, and passions, and embrace a higher personal responsibility to achieve your goals.

– Develop a martial mindset by learning profound and practical concepts from budo, traditional Japanese martial arts.

– Work through each of the daily challenges in this system and discover your Do.

– Create and implement your own Personal Strategy Canvas (PSC)TM for long-term sustainability.

Commit to your own path, and see amazing things happening in your life!

Shake Hands with the Devil by Tory Gates

Aki Sato is back…

Aki’s life has surpassed even her wildest dreams. In five years, Aki has found success and stardom in music, and more importantly, love in her partner and collaborator, Kiya.

But for Aki, the dream has become a nightmare: Kiya is lost in time, and a force Aki has never before encountered blocks her ability to time travel, the Amida.

Aki discovers a hidden enemy within the Amida, who seeks her power and leaves the thing most dear to Aki hanging in the balance. To Aki, there is no alternative but one dangerous, and desperate gamble.

The third volume in the Sweet Dreams Series, Shake Hands with the Devil finds Aki Sato at her most obsessed, even ruthless in her search for Kiya and to protect the Amida. Meanwhile, Kiya sails the Great Lakes in 1960s America, knowing she is on her own, until Aki can find her.

The Musician by Douglas Gardham

It is 1984 when Ethan Jones is finally allowed to leave a mental institution in Ottawa. He has just emerged from a six-month delusion his mind created and is now unable to remember. Now that he is officially back from the living dead, Ethan must accept that his beloved Mila is gone forever, that his psychiatrist cannot reciprocate his love for her, and that sanity has its challenges.

Undecided on what to do or where to go next, Ethan returns with his parents to their home in Toronto. As his family struggles with the return of a son and brother believed lost to internal trauma, Ethan unearths a renewed desire to pursue his love for music. As he embraces a new chapter and starts a band, Ethan thrives on the joy that accompanies doing what he loves.

But soon Ethan is challenged to overcome much of what he cannot recall from his time away. As he becomes conflicted between who and what he loves and what he is, his past returns with a vengeance and transforms everything.

The Musician is the much-awaited sequel to The Actor. The Musician continues the compelling tale of a young man’s journey as he emerges from a delusion to pursue his love of music and confront unfinished business from his past.

Link to all previous episodes at: https://indiebooksource.com/podcast/

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