A.G. Flitcher: Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source

Join urban fantasy writer A.G. Flitcher tonight at 7 p.m. EST on the Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

In the words of A.G. Flitcher:

I have always wanted to be a storyteller. For the last seven or eight years,

I went through trial and error to find out what kind of writer I wanted to be.

I started out as a screenwriter, in which I made a couple short films, and nearly had another one completed.

When I first started writing it, I signed up for an academic program called Library and Information Technology. Unfortunately, I feel regretful for entering the program.

Not because it is difficult, but because I truly want to pursue my career as a writer. My goal for the new year is to make it possible to leave school and put all my energy and

time to make that a reality.

I believe there is no such thing as a great writer, but a well-practiced writer. As for what I want to write about, I can sum it up in one sentence.

To show what the human spirit can do whether it is through light or darkness.

I always dreamed of doing my career in London, England. I do not know why. Just feels right.

A.G. Flitcher

Boone & Jacque: Saddleton’s Secret

Two boys, Boone and Jacque, discovered a strange underground bunker in Boone’s backyard on his tenth birthday. This curious discovery led to history repeating itself. Schisms, secret societies, old foes and kings resurfaced.

Hiding then pouncing at the right moment.

Adults, foaming at the mouth for power and respect, could be the end of Saddleton.

Boone & Jacque: Cytrus Moonlight

After 15 years of living peacefully in Cytrus, Boone and Jacque are at the core of a murder.

Tension rises in both families. Jacque and Xantia want to solve the case because they believe it is the key to restoring harmony in town.

However, Boone and Shammy simply want to keep their family safe. But those in power want answers and regain control so fiercely, that peace without a price is not possible.

No matter who or what makes them pay.

Boone & Jacque: Sahon

Boone and Jacque have been separated from each other and those they love.

Enduring pain on an endless, chaotic, gut-wrenching, and mind-altering voyage that will bring them back home.

But the certainty of a blissful reunion and peace on earth is as much of an enigma as their purpose.

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