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I have always wanted to be a storyteller. For the last seven or eight years,

I went through trial and error to find out what kind of writer I wanted to be.

I started out as a screenwriter, in which I made a couple of short films, and nearly had another one completed.

When I first started writing it, I signed up for an academic program called Library and Information Technology. Unfortunately, I feel regretful for entering the program.

Not because it is difficult, but because I truly want to pursue my career as a writer. My goal for the new year is to make it possible to leave school and put all my energy and time to make that a reality.

I believe there is no such thing as a great writer, but a well-practiced writer.

As for what I want to write about, I can sum it up in one sentence.

To show what the human spirit can do whether it is through light or darkness.

I always dreamed of doing my career in London, England. I do not know why. Just feels right.

A.G. Flitcher

Boone & Jacque: Saddleton’s Secret

Two boys, Boone and Jacque, discovered a strange underground bunker in Boone’s backyard on his tenth birthday.

This curious discovery led to history repeating itself. Schisms, secret societies, old foes, and kings resurfaced.

Hiding then pouncing at the right moment. Adults, foaming at the mouth for power and respect, could be the end of Saddleton.

As one reviewer wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel thanks to the dynamic characters of Boone and Jacque. It kept me guessing and I couldn’t put it down. This novel brought back wonderful memories of my childhood thanks to the imagination of Boone and Jacque. I cannot wait for the next book (literally!).

Boone & Jacque: The Brothers’ Odyssey

Boone, Jacque, and Shammy have been cast away to a wasteland under King Reeve’s control.

In which they must find Flint on their journey back home.

Even though the repercussions could be disastrous and heartbreaking.

What is much worse, and far more unpredictable, is the kind of home they could be coming to.

According to a Literary Titan Review: The Brothers’ Odyssey is a phenomenal novel. This second installment in the series is even more exciting and thrilling than the first novel. This second book answered many questions that readers were left with at the first novel’s end.

This epic fantasy novel is creative and has many unexpected twists and turns. It will keep readers guessing even more than the first novel. Flitcher’s great imagination takes readers into a world that is original and full of surprises. The action-packed story flows smoothly with little time for readers to catch their breath before another surprise or twist is revealed.

The wasteland realm A. G. Flitcher created where Boone, Jacque, and Shammy were transported will really come alive in readers’ minds. The detail written into the story made it very easy to make the words turn into images. For example, there is a scene where the ocean is turned into oil that is incredibly vivid.

In the last novel, readers were looking for Boone to explore his feelings more in-depth, especially those for Shammy. He was able to do that in this book. Shammy was also able to figure out her feelings for Boone as well.

Jacque really seemed to be wise beyond his years in this book. He explored his own emotions and dealt with them while finding out about his family. This book tied up all the loose ends from the previous book. It will also leave readers wanting more.

The Brothers’ Odyssey is a riveting epic fantasy novel filled with adventure and action. Middle school, teenagers, and young adult readers will enjoy this fantasy adventure with some mystery mixed in.

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