A dream review of Stutter Creek by author Ann Swann

Occasionally, we ask authors to let their hair down and crank out dream reviews of their work. So Ann Swann has done us the favor of writing such a piece about Stutter Creek, a romantic suspense novel, which has recently hit the audiobook shelves.

Let’s see what Ann has to say about Stutter Creek.


My Dream Review of STUTTER CREEK, by Ann Swann

Romantic Suspense novel published by 5 Prince Publishing

Stutter Creek is the story of a woman, Bethany Evans, who is suffering through the lowest point in her life.  Her husband has left her for a younger woman, her father has just died from cancer, and her only child has eloped and moved to Italy.

After a visit with a grief counselor, Beth decides to retreat to the family cabin at Stutter Creek, NM.  It was there that she had spent some of the happiest times of her life, especially the summer she spent with John Stockton, her first serious crush.

On the way to the cabin, Beth is overcome with emotion and stops beside the highway where she sees—or thinks she sees—a small boy, alone.  She doesn’t realize she has just crossed the path of a crazed killer who uses his own son for roadside bait.

Ms. Swann has a deft hand when it comes to suspense.  The scene in which the little lost boy approaches the protagonist’s car beside the snowy highway was positively shivery.

The author knows how to hook her reader.  Stutter Creek grabbed me around the neck from page one.  And it didn’t let go until the very satisfying ending.

I stayed up all night reading this book.  Several passages are ingrained in my memory.  When her father’s spirit pays Beth a visit, his aura appears as an array of tiny, multi-colored points of light: Gradually coalescing, they swarmed around her gently, like a delicate diaphanous shawl.

Other passages were not nearly as calming.  In fact, they were seriously scary.  When the young couple stumbled upon the body of victim #2 at the bottom of a ravine, I had to read through my splayed fingers with all the lights blazing.  Then there was the coyote and that human arm . . . That scene was like a painting.  A very dark and disturbing painting.  But the part that literally set my heart racing was when the killer chased victim #3 up the mountainside with her own car.  I just knew she would get away—instead, she ran right into his lair.

And then there’s the love story, and the huge guard dog.  He was one of my favorite characters.

I’ll come right out and say it: I’m amazed that Ms. Swann was able to weave all these threads together into such an amazing story.  Now, I can’t wait to read even more from this talented author.







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