A Book Review: Catching and Fighting Colds by Adam T. Newman

16282983The Book: How to Catch a Cold

The Author: Adam T. Newman

The Review:  When a young boy finds his classmates missing from school he learns from his teacher that they have caught a cold.  Well this little boy wants in on what this COLD is.  He sets out to catch this bad guy where ever he maybe.  Little does he know that the COLD isn’t far behind him.  The illustrations rock they so great.

The story is great for anyone who suffers a COLD and can appreciate the hero’s adventure.  My kids thought this was funny when the hero tries to catch a COLD cause they know you can’t catch it like a butterfly!

Review by Kelly M.: I could hear laughter coming from my kid’s bedroom and, knowing that it was story time, I peeked my head in to see what book their dad was reading to them. It was “How to Catch a Cold” by Adam Newman and they were LOVING it! The author really captured what it is like to be a kid. He remembers how kids interpret the things that parents say to them in a very unique and often literal way. Why wouldn’t you use a net and fly paper to “catch” a cold?!


19107266The Book: How to Fight a Cold

The Author: Adam T. Newman

The Review: This was a great story about what happens when you are sick.  When the young boy gets sucked up into a strange new place he gets trained by Boogie his trainer.  He is being trained to fight the big and evil COLD.  This book was too cute and funny and great for sick kids to read while they are on the mend.

My kids thought this was soo funny especially the trainer of the hero.  They were in hysterics. Fabulous idea with this story!

Review by Musical: Very cute and very enjoyable. I recommend this for anyone who has young children and enjoys reading to them. The story is cute and the illustrations are adorable.

About the Author: Adam T. Newman is a children’s book author whose childhood consisted of sports, reading comic books and playing with action figures. His love for film, writing and cartoons led him cross country to Los Angeles where he landed a job working for a children’s animation company.

Adam has worked for numerous film studios as an art director and graphic designer. He is also the recipient of the prestigious “World’s Greatest Dad” award which was presented by his two wonderful kids in the form of a t-shirt.

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