The Unexplained: The Artistic Legacy of a Mysterious Life

Merrilyn said this was Menes” the Vampyr King of Egypt – The Demon Child Pharaoh.”

He ventured into some of the exotic places of the world searching for animals that did not exist.

In the 1800s, there was a well-fixed and learned man living in London.  He was a scientific man, partial to eerie and groundbreaking—secret—experimentation.  Not only was he a proficient scientist in the laboratory, he had found a way to get eminent men to sponsor him on world travels to exotic places to collect new species of mysterious animals. 

Rumors swirl about Thomas Theodore Merrylin to this very day.  He looks like a nice enough gentleman in his portrait.

He was known to occupy and work in several residences in London.  At some point, out of the goodness of his own heart, he donated his largest residence to a charity establishing an orphans’ home.  They badly needed a nice building for their young orphans.

It has been reported that he gave it freely with only one stipulation:  “I have sealed all entrances to the basement, and no one must ever try to enter the basement or break any of the seals.”

Mr. Merrylin was such a learned and ethical man, that no one could imagine his odd reasoning, but the charity was so glad to have the nice building—it was in excellent repair—that no questions were asked.

Whisperers could not help speculating about what shocking experiments that Merrylin had conducted in the basement of his largest residence.  What was down there?  Had the eminent crypto-zoologist figured out a way to breed grotesque new animals? 

Merrilyn’s face of a werewolf.

Perhaps he had been grafting some together with needle and thread.  It would be tantalizing to figure out, but no one wanted to jeopardize the orphan’s home.  If someone tried to get into the basement, Thomas Theodore Merrylin might rescind the rights to the property.

The orphans’ home was a huge success in Merrylin’s time and for a lengthy time thereafter.  No one knows when it finally fizzled out for good, but one day it did, and the old Merrylin residence fell into several different hands through the years.

It was in 2006 that the residence landed in the possession of a man that had no intention of following the directions.  He did go in the basement, and oh, what he found there!  There were thousands of small boxes and glass display cases with the skeletonized and mummified remains of creatures that we do not know to exist. 

There are some creatures that we have only heard legends about.  There were fairies, werewolf pups, horned beings, all taxidermied or mummified, and elegantly displayed.

It was rumored that when Merrylin ventured into some of the exotic places of the world, he had been frightened of the possibility of vampires so he took with him an elaborate vampire repelling kit.  This kit was also found in the basement with the zoological specimens.

My eyes did bug out in 2007 when I first saw photographs of the artifacts.  I have a fondness for bad taxidermy—but this taxidermy and the anatomical display is so exquisite, it is mind-boggling. I had forgotten all about them until I saw an article go by in the main feed again on social media sites.

If you love the weird, you must look around at as much of Merrylin’s collection as you can find to view.  The specimens are amazing.  These creatures are too fabulous to be real.

In fact, they aren’t real.  They are the creations of an artist known as Alex CF.   He is a London-based, writer, illustrator, and sculptor. He established the story of Thomas Theodore Merrylin to generate interest for his artistic creations. 

They went viral. 

Explore the Merrilyn Cryptid Museum online.  His fictional character, Thomas Theodore Merrylin was born to an upper-class family in Hellingshire, England, and became, among other things, a Xeno-archaeologist.

It took a while for interested internet addicts to realize what he had done.  He is very talented at creating, and some of us want these creatures to have been real.


Sara Marie Hogg is the author of Dark Continent Continental. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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