Did death bring her back from an earlier life?

Was she really a child of early Egypt, the Pharoh’s lover, separated by time, who came back to life as Dorothy Eady?

Was Dorothy Eady the reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess?  Snippets of her past life came to her in dreams and apparitions.

A remarkable woman arrived in Egypt in 1930.  She was from a wealthy London family and had just married an Egyptian gentleman.  She went there with him to live.  When they later had a son, she named the little son, Seti, and from that time forward called herself Um Seti (Om Seti), mother of Seti.  The family lived on the banks of the Nile, not far from an ancient temple built by Seti I, to honor Osiris.

The woman became invaluable as a research assistant to archaeologists for several years.  These astounded archaeologists noticed that sometimes she did not seem to do any research at all.  She pulled the facts from her head on the spur of the moment.  She also knew how to read complex hieroglyphs without any problem.  No one could have been a better benefit on the sites.  It was like she had been there before, taking part in history.

Um Seti did have a strange background before moving to Egypt with her husband.  She was born Dorothy Eady, in 1903.  She was in a household accident when she fell down a stairway at the age of three.  She technically died.  The doctor that pronounced her dead returned to the room with a nurse later and detected signs of life.  Dorothy was alive, after all, but seemed to have a different personality from that day forward.  She hid under tables and other furniture much of the time.  She had a strange accent.  She begged her parents to be taken home.  

Dorothy’s life took a wild turn when her parents decided to take a tour of the British Museum, one day.  The whole family went, and when they went into The Egyptian Galleries, Dorothy came out of her shell and ran amok.  She attempted to hug the Egyptian statues, she kissed their feet, and she had to be physically pried away from the mummy cases.  Her voice changed into that of an old soul, and she begged to be left there, with her people.

On a later occasion, Dorothy was shown a picture of Seti I’s temple to Osiris.  She blurted out that it was her real home, that she had once been close to Seti, himself –she was a priestess of the Nile.  She stated that Seti I was a kindly man who loved his people.  Her interest in Seti I and his kingdom inspired her to go learn hieroglyphics at the British Museum.   She was encouraged by museum Egyptologist, Wallis Budge.   She advanced so quickly that her puzzled instructor asked how this was even possible.  I am not learning a new language, I am refreshing what I have forgotten.

Was Dorothy Eady the reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess?  She was certain that she was.  Snippets of her past life came to her in dreams and apparitions.  She was Bentreshyt, daughter of an ancient vegetable vendor.  She had been raised all her life to become a virgin priestess when she chanced to meet Seti.  They conceived a child.  After much soul searching, Bentreshyt committed suicide to prevent scandal to the king.

When Um Seti first saw the temple to Osirus in person, she asked, where are the trees? Where are the gardens? Interested archaeologists devised a test for Um Seti.  They took her into darkened rooms of the temple to Osiris and had her describe which artwork was on various walls.  She did so without error.

Um Seti was able to translate ancient texts and describe ancient social customs.  She was also able to point out the exact spots to dig—in the Valley of the Kings—to find the most important artifacts.  She was a wonder.

When she died, in 1981, she was buried in an unmarked grave in the desert, facing west.  Was Dorothy Eady, actually Bentreshyt from ancient Egypt?  Dig further into the subject and then make your decision.

Sara Marie Hogg is the author of Curious, Indeed, a collection of true but strange stories of the unexplained. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon. 

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