Guest Post: Did dragons once roam the earth?

Guest Post by Jean Lauzier

About her novel, Dragons of Jade

Down through the ages, man has sat around campfires and told stories. And I imagine at one time, dragons were a big part of those stories. I mean, way back when man was new to the earth, there were dragons. From bringing good luck or wrecking havoc, dragons played a part in everyday life.

Yes, that’s right. I believe that once upon a time, fire-breathing dragons soared through the skies and even swam in our oceans. Throughout the ages, we find dragons in every culture, all across the globe. They fill stories that have been handed down for generations. Even the Bible mentions them, and the Chinese zodiac, which consists of creatures that are real, includes dragons.  And if we can have a beetle that shoots flames from its backside, why not a flying lizard that shoots them from its mouth?

Now, do I believe that dragons required virgin sacrifices and hoarded golden treasure? Nope. That said, I don’t believe they would turn down a free meal or shiny baubles. And, I’m pretty sure they would defend themselves if threatened.

Which brings up the what-if. What if men could actually tame dragons? Would they be able to ride on and fly with the dragon? What if dragons were more than just beasts and were able to think and reason? Would dragons become domesticated like the dog or remain wild like the wolves? What if dragons hadn’t been destroyed and were alive in this day and age? How would things be different?

Writing about dragons is how I answer these questions for myself. I love the possibilities that come with each new story. Stories that take me to another time and place. That provides an escape, a bit of me-time away from the stress and cares of the day to day routine. Stories that, when shared, bring the reader a bit of escape too.

In the end, it comes down to the stories. Stories told sitting around campfires by early man and stories told by the storytellers of today. It’s a connection to our past, our present, and even our future. Maybe one day, someone will sit around a campfire and tell one of my stories.

How cool would that be?

Jean Lauzier

Dragons of Jade: The Story

There’s no such thing as dragons.

Of this, Jade Delaney is certain. That belief changes when a dragon opens a door and summons her to the place of her birth. There, Jade learns who she is and accepts the task to find and stop whoever is killing the dragons while avoiding the men hunting her.

Bevan Deveux has always believed dragons were just a tale to frighten misbehaving children. A chance meeting with Jade shows him just how wrong he has been. Honor bound to repay a life-debt, Bevan must now balance his promise to keep Jade’s secret while riding with the enemy. Somehow, Bevan has to keep his family honor, win Jade’s heart, and help keep the dragons safe.

Jade never dreamed a dragon would sleep at the foot of her bed, and she hadn’t planned on falling in love, but it all feels so right.

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