The Mysterious Creature of the Mojave

Perhaps an image of the Yucca Man caught in the headlights. Photo: Occult Museum

There are actual surveillance videos of the beast, and the people getting scared out of their wits were mostly tough Marines on duty.

There is still talk about Blue Eyes today, in the here and now.  Blue Eyes is a moniker given to an imposing legend.  The airman from the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center who named him had haunting memories of the creature’s piercing blue eyes—eyes that glowed blue.  The eyes were four inches apart and seven feet up in the air. As the airman driving a truck gawked, the eyes darted closer, then disappeared.  A disgusting stench rose up in the empty space.

This is one of The Center’s witnesses who claims the creature has blue eyes.  Many citizens that have had encounters with the strange being away from the Combat Center swear the eyes are red and pierce the darkness like glowing coals.  The creature is known as Yucca Man, Mojave Bigfoot, Sierra Highway Devil, and Marvin of the Mohave.

It could all be dismissed as a bunch of silliness, or the by-product of high-octane imbibing, but there are actual surveillance videos of the beast, and the people getting scared out of their wits were mostly tough Marines on duty.

The scenario is usually the same.

A lone Marine is given night guard duty, in a remote area near Twenty Nine Palms, California.  At some point during his shift, he hears a growling noise circling around him.  He realizes it is probably a wild beast and readies his firearm.

The creature appears too quickly in the flashlight beam, all eight feet of it, and before the Marine can react, he either passes out or is knocked cold in a flash.  When the Marine comes to, his weapon has been bent out of shape into an unusable mass.

As the terrain around the San Bernardino Mountains was developed Mid-20th Century, it is believed the Yucca creatures were pushed out of their natural habitats into more civilized areas.

Reports of the Yucca Man have been recorded in native history for centuries.  The last sighting by a Marine was in 2009.  Reports of the bipedal beast have come from as far as Palmdale and Edwards Air Force Base.  It was at Edwards where the beasts were actually caught on video.

Some of the creatures even ventured into secure underground tunnels that house sophisticated and often mysterious technology.  They set off alarms in the 1960s and 1970s but disappeared almost magically before they could be apprehended.

Some of my information was actually gleaned from the website, We Are the Mighty, run by members of the military, veterans and their associated groups.

Twenty Nine Palms is in San Bernardino County, California, and it was named for the lovely palm trees as seen by surveyor Col. Henry Washington in 1852. It is in the high desert, near Joshua Tree National Park.  It is a place of beautiful vistas, a mild climate, and a haven for culture and the arts.

Then there is that other Twentynine Palms, the one sometimes known as the home of the Yucca Man and his terrifying antics.

Sara Marie Hogg is the author of Quite Curious, a collection of true stories about the bizarre and unexplained. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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