The mysterious extraterrestrial dagger of King Tut

The black dagger found in King Tut’s tomb was out of the world.

It seems the highly-skilled crafter of the knife used the metal of a meteorite to fashion the blade. 

I still have my dog-eared copy of Chariots of the Gods.  A trending mystery would fit right into this volume by Erich Von Daniken.  The main subject matter of the volume was the possible existence of ancient astronauts and the supporting evidence.    

I could not let a mystery such as this go by.  It seems that when King Tut was entombed over 3,300 years ago, two well-crafted knives were secreted in the burial wrappings.  This, in itself, is tantalizing.  They were discovered by Howard Carter in 1925. 

What were they for? 

Was young King Tut expected to have to defend himself in the afterlife?  Or, were the knives for the processing of animals into edible meat in the afterlife?  We know that ancient Egyptians performed the Opening of the Mouth ceremony on their dead during the embalming process. 

This was because they did expect the deceased to eat and drink in the afterlife and they would need an open mouth to do so.

What is most mysterious and tantalizing of all about one of the knives is that the metal used to fashion the knife is extraterrestrial in origin.  Yes, it is extraterrestrial metal.

Do I think the special knife was brought to earth by aliens and that it was one of King Tut’s prized possessions? 

No, I don’t think that. 

Do I think the knife was left in desert sands by extraterrestrials and found by wanderers of the Nile Delta?  Perhaps it was given to King Tut as a gift? 

No, I don’t think that, either. 

It seems the highly-skilled crafter of the knife used the metal of a meteorite to fashion the blade.  This was discovered when those examining the knife’s properties noticed that the metal would not rust.  They x-rayed it and did all sorts of tests on it.  The meteoric iron had a high nickel content and a large amount of cobalt.  

Was this an accident? 

Did the knife maker use just whatever metal he could find? 


It was used on purpose.  Meteoric iron was prized metal for its properties and the ancient Egyptians knew the stones fell from the skies.  It was coveted for objects used in ceremonies and rituals. 

Tracing meteorites of the era, it was found that a meteorite of very similar properties fell near the Red Sea.  The knife is possibly made from a piece that flew off of this meteorite.  

The rest of the knife’s journey is still a mystery.  It is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, with a decorated gold handle and gold sheaf.

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