Daily Review: Just a Happy Camper by Jinx Schwartz

Join up with Hetta’s posse—her dog, Po Thang, and Trouble, her parrot—as they teach some bad guys not to mess with Texas.

Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht, and she’s not afraid to use it.

She’s cruising Mexico’s hauntingly beautiful Sea of Cortez when she gets a job offer she can’t refuse. Not only is the project located in her old stomping grounds in the Texas Hill Country, but it comes with an RV for living quarters. She has no problem driving a forty-five-foot yacht, but RVing is new to her.

And as will happen, life throws her a major curveball, and then smack dab into a nefarious plot back across the border.

Jinx Schwartz

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By Betty Louise

Hetta is at it again in the 11th book in Hetta Coffey series for a fast and amusing read. She is traveling with Po Thang and Trouble.

She is cruising the Sea of Cortez when she is offered a job in the Texas Hill Country. The offer includes an RV for her use. She accepts the offer and her efforts of getting Trouble back to the United States will amuse you.

Once in Texas Hetta learns that Raymond Johnson has been stolen. That won’t do. Hetta and her Friends head back to Mexico. Of course, Po Thang and Trouble must go with her arriving back in Mexico what does Hetta and crew find out.

It seems an old friend is the guilty party. Hetta decides to take back her boat in an outstanding skirmish.


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By N.Hall

I had preordered this book and when it was delivered this morning I set aside the book I was reading to jump into this adventure. I wasn’t disappointed.

Hetta has taken a job on dry land in the U.S., hence the camper replacing her boat for much of this adventure. Hetta is pleasantly surprised when an unknown out of town relative shows up.

Then she learns that her boat has been left in dry dock without her and the adventure is on. Most of the gang from previous adventures are involved in this fun, somewhat dangerous, escapade.

Easily read as a stand-alone book, this book ties in nicely to earlier books in this series.

If you’ve missed some of the earlier adventures, you’ll want to get them too after reading this one.

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By Lee J.

Hetta Coffey is off on another adventure, this time in her home state of Texas. Hetta decides that now is the time to get her boat ”Raymond Johnson”, engines maintenance done. So she puts it in dry-dock and accepts a job from her old buddy the Throb.

This job is to head a team planning how to control flooding along the Colorado River. The best part is that this job comes with an RV bus and a tow vehicle. There is only one fly in the ointment, getting her monk parrot Trouble across the border.

With a very amusing plan. Hetta along with her BFF Jan devise a way to get it done.

After almost getting strung up figuratively by the locals, who think that her new work is part of a government land grab. Things settle down almost. Until she finds that a young man has been trying to find her. First in Mexico and now in Texas. It turns out that her past has a funny way of catching up with her.

Her “old friend” Nacho, along with Becky’s boyfriend, Jeff, has stolen her boat out of the maintenances yard. Right now the boat is heading up the Baja coast to destinations unknown.

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