Tex Thompson Speaking at ETWG’s Boot Camp for Writers

Tex Thompson

Her subject: Prose P90X: Ten Steps to a leaner, Cleaner, Meaner Manuscript.

Tex Thompson will be one of the featured speakers at the 15thAnnual Summer Writing Conference on Saturday, July 20, at the West Campus of Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas.

The Boot Camp for Writers is sponsored by the East Texas Writers Guild.

Tex will be speaking on Prose P90X: Ten Steps to a leaner, Cleaner, Meaner Manuscript.

Class Description:

Do your sentences sag?

Does your description drag?

Or is your manuscript simply struggling to lose those last 5,000 words?

Never fear!

Now you can trim and tone your prose in a fearless, fun session that’s guaranteed to leave your work leaner, cleaner, and meaner than ever before. Come learn how to take your writing style from flab to fab!

Meet Tex:
Arianne “Tex” Thompson was once described as “an explosion of 52 enthusiastic kittens latching onto everything at once.” In addition to writing the ‘Children of the Drought’ epic fantasy Western series, Tex is the founder and ‘chief instigator’ for WORD – Writers Organizations ‘Round Dallas.

When she’s not leading the charge at home in Dallas, Tex brings her particular brand of ‘red-penthusiasm’ to conferences, conventions, and workshops all over the country – as an egregiously enthusiastic, endlessly energetic one-woman stampede.

Tex is the author Dreams of the Eaten

After trials by fire and thirst, Appaloosa Elim’s quest to bring home the body of the crow prince is finally nearing its end.

But the coffin is missing, the funeral party is hopelessly scattered, and the fishmen are hell-bent on revenge.

Worse yet, the pilgrimage has disturbed an ancient power – and the earth is crumbling in its grip.

As the ground shakes and the crows gather, the final reckoning promises to unite the living and the dead in a battle for the land itself.

One way or another, blood debts will come due, Elim will face his judgment, and the World That Is will be forever changed.

Please click HERE to find Dreams of the Eaten on Amazon.

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