Who was the mysterious girl haunting the old photographs?

The girl and the photographer who captured her are still a big mystery.

A few years back, when historians at a museum in Russia were digitizing some old photographs for preservation, a mystery appeared before their very eyes.  Some images that were not obvious in the old photographs appeared in the newer photos much as images appeared in hypo bath trays of old darkrooms.

The odd images were of a girl—the mystery girl was age 8-12.  She was attired in clothing of the wealthy.  She had on a hat with a flower, wore one long braid, and sometimes held a closed umbrella.  She was discovered in over twenty photographs of the early 1900s from the town of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.  She always had an awful scowl on her face—she seemed forlorn.

At first, the historians thought all of the photos were taken on the same day.  Closer examination showed this not to be true. There are subtle differences in her appearance:  different stockings, different footwear—shoes or boots—in some of them.  They were definitely taken at different times.

There are no notations for any of the images as to the name of the photographer, or the name of the girl.  There are no worthwhile clues.

Was she perhaps the photographer’s daughter?

Did he wish to immortalize her?

Was she possibly in the photographs as a scale/size reference?

There are many possibilities and the historians call her presence bit part appearances.  She appeared magically in the new high-resolution images of area landmarks.  In one, she is standing on the roof of a shed with a section of the bridge that served the Trans Siberian Railroad.  She never changes her facial scowl.  The braid is always on the same side.

The dozens of photographs were taken during the early 1900s, possibly 1908-1910 during the reign of the doomed Tsar Nicholas.  It was a time of danger for many.  Maybe the girl and her family were able to escape abroad.

Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore hopes that showing the photos may cause someone to come forward who knows her true identity.  To make the mystery more perplexing, it is noted that the photographs are not all from the same source.  A few were found in the artifacts of an old book shop.

The girl and the photographer who captured her are still a big mystery.  Haunting—haunting is how they describe her.

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