Was it a mysterious case of reincarnation?

Was there compelling evidence that the Pollock twins were the reincarnation of their dead sisters?

A renowned psychologist noted that the twins seemed to even have taken on the personalities of their older sisters. 

In 1957, two sisters, slightly staggered in age, were living with their parents in Hexham, England.  Life was good for Joanna 11, and Jacqueline, 6.  It was very good until the tragic motor vehicle accident in which they were killed in May of that year.

How do parents recover from such a tragedy?  John and Florence Pollock were devastated.  It would be very odd, indeed, for such a grieving mother to put herself through another pregnancy.  Sometimes the human body will not even cooperate after such an event, but that is exactly what happened.

Mrs. Pollock was again pregnant and gave birth to twins—two girls—in October of 1958.  This was in spite of the fact that the doctor had told her there would be only one baby and there was only on fetal heartbeat.  They named their two girls Gillian and Jennifer.

When the girls were three months old, the family moved to Whitley Bay for a spell.  As the twins began verbalizing, they asked for specific toys that belonged to Joanna and Jacqueline—toys they had never even seen.

The family had occasion to return to their old home in Hexham to live.  When the girls were a little older they began talking about and pointing out landmarks and locations that they could not have remembered when they moved at the age of three months.  They were places Joanna and Jacqueline were familiar with and had frequented daily. 

The twins also became very jittery around automobiles and often shrieked, “That car is coming to hit us!”  

By the age of five, these odd incidents began to fade from the girls’ lives and they began more normal behavior.  But this was not until reports of their strange experiences had reached Dr. Ian Stevenson, renowned psychologist.  Dr. Stevenson was an expert on cases of reincarnation and had studied thousands of cases over 40 years’ time, at his facility in Virginia.

The girls’ father was receptive to the interest of Dr. Stevenson and he allowed the twins to be examined by him.  Had the souls of his deceased older daughters, somehow come to reside in his living twins?  There was a lot of evidence that they had.  This could not be definitely proven, nor could it be disproved.  Dr. Stevenson put the twins on his list of fourteen cases for most probable reincarnation—from all that he had amassed and studied.

In an interesting side note, the twins had permanent skin blemishes that corresponded to birthmarks their sisters had.  There were also times when the parents were outside the room and they heard the twins discussing the gory details of being hit by the automobile that was driven by a confused, distraught, woman.  They were walking along the street with a little boy they knew and all of them were killed in an instant.

Dr. Stevenson studied the girls from 1964 to 1985.  He noted that the twins seemed to even have taken on the personalities of their older sisters.  They had relationships that were co-dependent on each other in the same way their older sisters behaved.  Although the memories of the twins faded as they aged, Stevenson remained a believer.

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