Take a look at my new book trailer for Tarot Terrors

Click HERE to view the trailer of Tarot Terrors.

Today, I am introducing the book trailer for my new cozy mystery, Tarot Terrors.

It’s a cozy all right.

It features a woman sleuth who should have other things to do than solve murders.

But murder follows wherever she goes.

Lillian, a retired educator, is caught in a web of murder and political intrigue.

The novel is more ambition than any I have previously written.

Maybe after seeing the trailer and reading the synopsis, you will want to read more.

Linda Pirtle

In a crowded Santa Fe Plaza, Lillian meets an elderly Navajo chieftain whose booth displays the most brilliant silver/turquoise jewelry she has ever seen. She suddenly hears a commotion and turns to see tourists running frantically. What’s wrong? When she looks back to the chieftain, he has vanished, but lying on the table is a small box addressed to “Miss Curiosity.”

How did he know the nickname her husband gave her?

Her old college friend Simon Townsend, a government agent, has surreptitiously slipped an object to her husband, and now Bill lies dead on the sidewalk. It’s the beginning of one tragic moment after another. Warnings. Threats. Kidnapping. And death.

Lillian does not believe in coincidences or predictions. But with the help of her standard poodle, Eli, and her son, Grant, an FBI agent, Lillian begins her own quest and faces the biggest challenge of her life: Bringing to justice those responsible for the death of her beloved Bill.

Award-winning Cozy Mystery author, Linda Pirtle introduces three new characters in Tarot Terrors: Madame Sophia, who reads tarot cards and predicts Lillian will find Bill’s killer in Pagosa Springs, Colorado; Sammie Nightingale, a young red-haired Navajo woman who has just completed a vision quest; and Sammie’s Uncle Jack Darling O’Toole, who runs the Pagosa Springs Trading Post.

Who’s guilty?

Who’s innocent?

And what secrets do they have to hide?

Please click HERE to find Tarot Terrors on Amazon.

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