Mysterious diamonds riding down from the sky

No one ever really knows what mysteries are riding meteorites as they fall to the earth. Image:

The diamonds are thought to be the products of explosions caused by dying stars. 

The analogy about heavenly bodies being sparkling gemstones is not a new one.  There are many references in the arts.  “…Like diamonds in the sky… are the lyrics of a favorite song, Diamonds, performed by Rihanna.

     On our own Earth, scientists have examined diamonds that are older than this Earth and even older than the Sun.  They arrived here by riding on meteors and asteroids.

     Most meteors do burn up when they go through the Earth’s atmosphere.  When parts of them survive, they are pounced upon and whisked back to laboratories.  At last count, there were over twenty meteorites that contained diamonds. 

Most of the diamonds are very tiny, requiring magnification to view—but they were created long before our solar system even existed.  The diamonds are thought to be the products of explosions caused by dying stars.  The dying stars exploded and flung out gases and particles into space.

     Diamonds were interesting enough, as subjects to examine, but even more interesting things have been detected in meteorites and asteroids.  In 1969 a black stone crashed to the earth in Australia.  It went through a roof and almost killed the farm hands inside the structure—both of them.  NASA sent investigators.

     They analyzed and analyzed.  Then they made an announcement.   The meteorite contained the remnants of amino acids.  This indicated one important thing.  The building blocks of proteins—the catalyst for life itself—was out there elsewhere in the universe.

     It did not stop there.   In 1996 an asteroid was examined by NASA that contained fossilized microbes—the missile was a chunk that had come off of Mars.  It was over four billion years old and was discovered in snowy hills of Antarctica.  They named it Allan Hills 84001(ALH 84001).  The fossilized microbes still cause quite a debate in the scientific community, but microscopic examination reveals magnetite crystals for sure.

     In recent news, astronomers have pinpointed an asteroid that is moving through our solar system.  It has been traveling from way out yonder, for eons—it was first noticed at an observatory on Hawaii and named Oumaumau.  This name has been shortened to A/2017/U1.  It is moving in a strange ellipse and is from way, way outside our solar system.  I wonder what could be riding on A/2017/U1?

     Diamonds, and proteins, and microbes—oh my.

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