The Poetic Realm of Science Fiction

The book encompasses deep fantasy to hard sci-fi. It melds the fantastical with the freer realms of words in a poetic setting.

The vision of  C. M. Bratton:

At the recent 2017 World Fantasy Con, I had many wonderful conversations about books and the sci-fi & fantasy genres. During my conversation with new friend Michael Wigington, the idea for a poetry book within the fantasy genres came up.

The day passed, but our conversation remained in mind, and by the next morning, I knew I wanted to make that idea into a reality. I’ve always written poetry; it’s something that’s been around as long as my first book idea. But as I grew and changed, I focused more on prose and scriptwriting, often leaving poetry in the background for song ideas.

But my love remained, and I found myself incorporating poetic writing and mini-poems into my fantasy books as part of the larger story.

But an entire book made up of poems specifically designed to fit in the sci-fi & fantasy genre – that idea blew my mind and I couldn’t wait to get started. The next day, sitting at WFC2017, I wrote my first fantasy poem for this book, a paean to dragons (appropriate indeed). But I knew I needed other authors to fill in the gaps.

I sent out the call to SASFA, and Kevin Looney, Patrick Neal, Andrea Stehle, and Michael Wigington answered. We all wrote poetry and sci-fi & fantasy and were ready to combine the two in a deliberate way, melding the fantastical with the freer realms of words in a poetic setting.

So here it is, our first volume. We have a spread of ideas, encompassing deep fantasy to hard sci-fi. I truly hope you enjoy reading these and digging into the stories they tell. Android, alien, beast, goddess… it’s all here.

Please click HERE to find Secondary Worlds on Amazon.

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