The voices that determine our lives

The only way to hear the good voice is to be quiet. It is that still small voice within.

Voice? What Voice? I always find it a bit alarming to know that there are people declared insane because they hear voices. It must be a matter of degree that makes the difference because we all hear voices.

These voices come from many places, and the ones we listen to (perhaps this is the key in the insanity issue) determine the outcome in our lives. Therefore, it is imperative that we take the time to determine what’s up with those voices.

I’ll cover three types of voices.

The first one is outside voices. This should be the easy one. We can all tell when an outside voice is speaking to us, can’t we? We should all be very capable of deciding whether those voices have our best interests at heart. We should be good at it, but often we are terrible at recognizing that many of those voices are only for, and about, themselves and that they intentionally spread the disease of fear.

You know those outside voices; they can appear as our friends, family, and the media.

Beca Lewis

Even those voices that perhaps mean us well, are often not the best voice for us to listen to. It is too easy for us to forget that we don’t have to believe what an outside voice is telling us. Often, instead of thinking it through, we assume that because they say so, it must be true, and therefore it must be true for us too. Therefore, we accept an outside voice, and what it is saying as true, and as if it were our own voice. It’s not.

The second type of voice is the voice in our head. We all know this one very well because it is constantly speaking. What we may not be aware of is that the voice in our head is always, always, always—yes, always, putting us down in some way. We are never good enough, we never have enough, and we are always doing something wrong. We are stupid, or lazy, or a combination of every negative quality possible.

If that voice were an outside voice, most of us with any sense at all, would not only not listen, but never allow it in our lives again.

Not so with this voice in our head, because this is the voice that we think is our own voice, speaking to ourselves. After all, it speaks in our language, talks as we do, uses terms we understand, and we can see that it has a point. Nevertheless, this is not true. This is not our voice. It is the liar’s voice disguised to sound like our own. Its lies are built on a teeny-tiny piece of what we feel is true, so we decide the whole thing must be true, and of course, since it sounds like our voice, we think we have to listen.

Listen to me now.

Here I am, an outside voice that not only has your best interest at heart, but also knows the Truth about you, and wants you to know it too. That voice inside your head is not your voice! No! Not ever!

This means you can stop listening to it, you can stop paying attention, you can stop letting it ruin, and run, your life. I am not saying it will stop talking because it won’t. However, you will learn not to hear it, and the volume will be turned so low you will sometimes forget that it is there.

The only way to get to that peaceful place is to begin now to say to it, “I know you are lying, I know you are not my voice. I know you don’t care about me at all. I know your intention is to keep me from living a full and productive life. So from this moment on, you are on your own.”

You may have to repeat this many times before you—not it—get the message, but for the sake of your permanent freedom, don’t give up.

Now for the good voice.

Yes there is a good one. You know this one too, but if you have been listening to all the other ones, you may be out of practice in hearing it. The other voices may be so loud that you have to really work at hearing this good voice.
The only way to hear this voice is to be quiet. It is that still small voice within.

This is the voice that guides you gently and with care and kindness. This voice is direct from your Self, the real self. This is your voice because it is from the One, the eternal divine essence of Love.

You can trust this voice. This is the voice that says,“The real you has never done anything wrong. You are the loved of Love. You are the action of intelligence.” This voice speaks the Truth.

Listen to it, follow its guidance, and all will be well.

Beca Lewis is the author of The 28 Day Shift to Wealth. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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