Where the writing is good and the reading is easy

The Bookstore and Coffee Cherry Shop in Kilgore, the meeting place the connects readers and writers.

The Bookstore in Kilgore is a wonderful place for books, coffee, and conversation.

Stephen Woodfin, for as long as I’ve known him, and I’ve known him for a good while, has been a man with a mission.

He’s a great writer of legal thrillers.

He is a damn fine attorney.

He plays a mean guitar.

And he has always wanted to own his own bookstore.

Now he does.

Stephen has opened The Bookstore in Kilgore, and it is a wonderful place for books, coffee, and conversation.

It is a gathering place for writers and readers alike.

Linda and are I fortunate to be at the bookstore with three outstanding writers for a special book signing on Saturday, November 18.

If you live in East Texas and especially near Kilgore, come on out and join us from noon to five o’clock.

We will autograph a few books, just in time for Christmas, and tell you a few stories. Who knows, some of them may even be true.

Here is the guest list of authors who  bring with them, cozy mysteries, historical fiction, romance, children’s books and a memoir about the life of a barefoot boy from Kilgore.

Deadly Dominoes

By Linda Pirtle

The setting for Deadly Dominoes is Caddo Lake. Situated in the Cypress basin of northeast Texas, Caddo Lake, with its cypress and ancient oaks dripping with Spanish moss, provides the perfect backdrop for mystery, murder, and militia mayhem. Lillian’s curiosity is peeked right from the start. She meets Brandon, a young man who sacks groceries at a convenience store and service station. He gives her a warning.

“You’d better be careful. Crazy things have been happening out at that RV Park at Caddo.”

Of course, Lillian questions him and learns that people have been disappearing.

Always the mother figure, Lillian adopts Brandon and invites him to dinner.

The Caddo camp director invites Lillian and Bill to the Friday night domino games held at the camp’s Pavilion. Lillian sees the camp’s maintenance man. He reminds her of someone. But who?

During a break in the domino games, a loud explosion is heard. Thus, begins a string of murders, mysterious curses with an attached domino, and attempts on the lives of other campers. Lillian is determined to answer the following questions:

Who is the person or persons leaving dominoes and notes on the bodies of one victim after the next? Everyone is a suspect.

Does the explosion have any connection to the game of dominoes or with the murders or attempted murders?

Lillian must connect the dots.

And puts them together, she does.

An Unlikely Deception

By Patty Wiseman

Hattie Taylor has unfinished business. An unexpected death and an unwanted guest bring chaos to her newlywed euphoria. Was her marriage a sham?

A mysterious key turns the lock in her heart and reveals a dark side she didn’t know was there. Will her marriage survive or will an English aristocrat destroy her happiness?

Secrets of the Heart

By Dana Wayne

Emotionally scarred by personal tragedy, Tori Morgan needs to get away from Houston and figure out what to do with her life. Seeking refuge and time to think, she accepts a position at a remote ranch in Montana. Firmly convinced love happens once in a lifetime, she resigns herself to being alone.

Her new boss is the first complication in her plan. Mesmerized by his voice on the phone, she anticipates their first meeting with a mixture of anticipation and dread.

And rightfully so. Six feet four inches of man capped off with a potent sexuality that makes clear thinking difficult, Wade McBride wreaks havoc on her emotions from the start. To make matters worse, she discovers she must pretend to be his fiancée for the sake of her new patient.

Wade needed a nurse for his mother but got more than he bargained for in Tori. She was a breath of fresh air in world full of crap. Pretending to be in love with her seemed like a good idea at the time. The plan started out easy enough, even as they try to ignore the instant, heady desire percolating between them, unaware of danger watching from the shadows.

The test kiss changed everything.

Once was not enough for Wade. Every inch of him craved more. But it isn’t real, it’s pretend. Right?

Tori is convinced his mouth should be registered as a lethal weapon. His kisses are electric, his voice seductive. Her body begs for his touch…but is she ready for this? Will she ever be ready?

They dance around the elephant in the room until they have to face the facts…what happens when make believe becomes real?

The Myth of Santa’s Beard

By Sharon Thayer

There is a problem growing literally growing at the North Pole because children around the world are being good. Santa’s beard grows a little each time children share, play fair, do their best, and tell the truth. Soon, because tons of children are good every day, Santa’s beard gets so long he can hardly walk, or talk, and he cant make the toys!

But those smart little elves come up with a plan. In the end all Santa has to do is choose the best kids from the Good List to receive a snippet of his long beard.

Children squeal with delight when they discover their very own snippet of Santa’s beard, tied with red ribbon and included in the book. This book and the special gift will be treasured every Santa believing year and beyond.

The Man Who Talks to Strangers

By Caleb Pirtle III

Caleb Pirtle III has traveled down many back roads and dead end streets during his writing career as newspaperman, magazine editor, and author. He collects people. More accurately, he collects their stories. Some call him a writer. He calls himself a thief. He says, “I steal their stories, write, and publish them.”

He has written a memoir of sorts about many of those whose paths he crossed – from the down and out to national celebrities, from country music stars to death row inmates, from hit men and lawyers to farmers who struck it rich when the oil fields broke the Great Depression that gripped East Texas.

You will find a mesmerizing collection of the famous, the notorious, the unknown. Pirtle’s stories will make you laugh and cry and feel good about mankind. Some are hard edged. Some prick and warm the heart. He says, “What happens is never as important as the people who make it happen,” and those in his memoir are not easy to forget.

As one reviewer said, “His writing reads like short stories of literary fiction. They’re not quite like anything you’ve read before.”

Pirtle believes his whole life has hinged on one simple fact. He’s the man who talks to strangers wherever he happens to find them.

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