If you make a promise to yourself, find a way to keep it.

There is always a way to find the time, no matter how brief, to do what we feel called to do, or what we love to do.

What matters enough to you to give up something else?

How much do you care about yourself so that you will do what you want to do?

What are you avoiding doing because it might make someone else unhappy?

No one is immune to the increasingly complex lists of things that must be done. Everyone worries about making others happy.

But, and this is a huge but, we all have the ability to make conscious choices about how we want to spend our lives.

Beca Lewis

Recently I decided that I wanted to find a special few hours in the week to write. It’s not that I don’t write. I write every day. I want to keep the promise to myself, to finish the first draft of the second book in the Karass series by the end of August.

To do so, I have at least an hour less time in the day to do the other things that are important to me. But, I decided writing was what I cared about most, other than my family, so other things had to fit around the time.

Once I opened the door to allowing myself to write, I realized I wanted some quiet time to do more than a thousand words a day. I needed at least one day a week I would write two thousand words.

And that is how Writing Wednesday came about. On Wednesday, I rush around getting all the morning things done, then head off to yoga. Yoga is another item included in my days because I care more about it then something else. After yoga, I go to the mall to write.

Quiet time in the mall? Yes. Quiet from my house where things call me to get done. At the noisy mall, there is nothing that calls to me. I sit in front of Starbucks with the only plug available in the entire mall and write.

It takes a while to get set up. And then I have to start writing. After all the work it took to get there, I have to write. Sometimes I think, ‘I can’t do it today, I’m going home. There is work to be done at home.’

As much as I cared about getting the book done, and as much work as it took to carve out those few hours from doing anything else, resistance will still rise up and try to stop me.

Last Wednesday, when I had trouble getting started, I asked myself if I cared enough about writing, about the book, about the promises I have made, to write even when I didn’t want to write.

A few hours later, two thousand words tucked into the book, and I knew the answer was yes.

There is always a way to find the time, no matter how brief, to do what we feel called to do, or what we love to do. And every one has a different idea of what that will be.

This is not about becoming famous or doing something others might call important. This is about expressing the essence of ourself because that is what we are here to do.

Imagine anything in nature deciding not to be itself. We, as humans, have the choice to not bloom into our life. We have the free will to choose not to be free. But, do you imagine that is what our creator hoped we would choose?

Write, sing, garden, craft, build, dance, design, because it is what you do. Who cares if someone else sees it or likes it.

A single flower blooming where no one notices is equally as important and beautiful as the one blooming in a famous garden.

Even when we are doing chores, or working a job, or cleaning the house, we can choose to find a way to make it ours, and in making it ours, we enjoy it. Life will be shining through us, and what could be better than that feeling?

Go ahead. Choose it. Prove that it was worth it to give us free will. Prove that we can choose consciously and wisely to express the gifts given to us, demonstrating our gratitude for having them.

Beca Lewis is the author of Karass. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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