It’s no secret I like secrets.

If my characters don’t have secrets, I show them the door.

Let me tell you about my characters.

Age not that important to me.

But it is to my readers.

So my hero is somewhere between thirty and fifty.

My heroine is a decade younger.

The bit players may not stay bit players for long.

Some worm their way into a story and refuse to leave.

I don’t care if my hero is big.

Or tough.

Or brave.

Or has the face of Adonis.

I don’t care if my heroine is tall.




Or a Victoria Secret model.

Want to know the only trait I want my characters to have?


Buried deep, there are secrets.

Just below the surface, there are secrets.

Can’t sleep? He’s bothered by a secret.

Can’t commit to love? She’s bothered by a secret.

Keeps a pistol in his belt? He’s frightened of a secret.

Cries herself to sleep at night? The secret has broken her heart.

Here is what I mean:

In Back Side of a Blue Moon, Eudora has a secret.

She lived with a drunken, abusive husband.

And now he’s vanished.

Where did he go?

Someone said he heard a shot in the dark.

The abusive husband hasn’t been seen since.

Did he flee for his life?

Or did Eudora kill him?

What did she do with his body?

Only Eudora knows.

And she’s not talking.

She only smiles, and it’s the kind of smile that might convict her of murder.

The whole town is in the dark.

I was like the town.

I was in the dark.

But I kept writing until Eudora told me her secret.

Characters always do.

If my characters don’t have secrets, I show them the door.

Thanks for coming.

Thanks for leaving.

I don’t need you anymore.

That’s why some of those bit players hang around my books.

I can’t get rid of them.

They have too many secrets.

In fact, they often have more secrets than my hero or heroine.

And I can’t wait to find out what they are.

After all, I live in their world.

They have no reason to live in mine.

Mine is boring.

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