Authors Showcase: A gathering of award-winning writers

You’ll find books in every genre and can spend some time with the authors who wrote them.

Today’s the day.

Want to meet great writers?

Here’s your chance.

Want find great books?

Here’s your chance.

If you live anywhere near East Texas, we invite you to come out and visit with some outstanding, award-winning writers at the East Texas Authors Showcase in the Gilmer Civic Center.

It all gets underway at ten o’clock and is supposed to end at two o’clock, but we’ll probably hang around until somebody comes along and kicks us out.

You’ll find books in every genre and can spend some time with the authors who wrote them. There will be refreshments and door prizes, admission is free, and writers are always honored to autograph any books you buy.

We featured four of the authors on Thursday. ( We showcased the work of five more participating authors on Friday. (  And here is a look at the final three who will be on hand for Authors Showcase.

The Mah Jongg Murders

By Linda Pirtle

Lillian Prestridge and her husband Bill are introduced to Eli, a standard Poodle when he leads them to the scene of a heinous murder in their normally quiet, gated community in the heart of East Texas.

Lillian lends her investigative instincts to her son Jake, County Sheriff, and his best friend, Grant Perryman, Chief of Security at Leisure Lake as they try to solve not one murder, but two, in the first of Linda Pirtle’s Christian novels: The Mah Jongg Murders.

As reviewer Gae-Lynn Woods wrote: If you like twisty plots in your mysteries, you’ll love THE MAH JONGG MURDERS. The main character, Lillian, is a determined woman who finds herself in the middle of a series of murders, and at times, nearly the victim. The setting is a gated-community around lake in East Texas, and the scenery and characters hold true to the location. In fact, the individuals who people this novel are so well drawn, you’ll find characters you recognize from your own life!

Although the book starts off with what seems to be an isolated murder, the bodies quickly pile up. Ms. Pirtle lets the clues slip out slowly, creating a satisfying page-turner. THE MAH JONGG MURDERS is full of long-hidden secrets, relationships that aren’t quite what they seem, and people running from their pasts. It also features deep family commitment, friendships challenged by tragedy, and strong Christian values.

Life Between the Letters

By Lana Lynne Higginbotham

The world was at war when a junior-grade naval lieutenant first laid eyes on the love of his life. In December 1944, after his return from naval service in Europe, Lieutenant (jg) Charles E. Felder met Mary Kosko Felder in New York City.

Although Mary was engaged to another and ‘Chuck’ was preparing to deploy to the Pacific, the certainty of their destined connection made them willing to face any challenges that would come.

With the entire country making sacrifices for the war effort, they found strength, resilience, and ‘Life between the Letters.’

As reviewer Jenny Prudhomme wrote: This is an amazing love story.

You can’t help but fall in love with Mary and Chuck.

Their love for each other, even after all that time apart, is so evident in their letters to each other.

This book not only is romantic, but really funny and entertaining to any generation of readers.

Back Side of a Blue Moon

By Caleb Pirtle III

Times are hard along the Sabine River, and the little East Texas town of Ashland is crumbling under the weight of the Great Depression. Families are broke and hungry. For many, their last meal may well have been their last meal. Families are giving up and leaving town. Everyone knows the fate that awaits the scattered farms. No one can save Ashland. It is as isolated as the back side of a blue moon.

Into town comes Doc Bannister wearing a straw boater and a white suit. He is the miracle man. He has a homemade doodlebug machine that, he says, can find oil and make them all rich. Oil, he swears, lies beneath the blistered farmstead of Eudora Durant. She thinks Doc is a flim flam man. The Sheriff believes he is a con artist. Both are convinced that Doc has come to town to swindle every dime he can get before hitting the road again. Ashland knows Doc may be crooked, but he has brought hope to a town that had no hope.

Eudora has everything Doc wants. She is a beautiful woman who owns cheap land. In Ashland, she is known as the scarlet woman. Whispers say she murdered her husband. No one has seen him since the night they heard a shotgun blast on her farm. The town wants oil. Doc wants Eudora. But Eudora is too independent and stubborn to fall for the charms of a silver-tongued charlatan.

She holds the fate of Ashland in her hands. Will she let Doc drill? Is there really oil lying deep beneath her sunbaked land? Can Doc find it? Or is he more interested in finding love than oil? What happens when a man with a checkered past comes face to face with a woman whose past is as mysterious as his?

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