Daily Review: Footprints in the Frost by Jackie Taylor Zortman

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By Christy Campbell 

The pace of the novel reminded me of books by Lee Child and Greg Iles. It moves along at a fast clip, and Jackie Zortman’s familiarity with the law enforcement life-style is obvious throughout. The characters are well drawn and likeable, especially bookstore-owner protagonist Sami, who I identified with the most.

Jackie Taylor Zortman

The novel isn’t so much a mystery (the perpetrator is revealed early on and there are no other real suspects) as it is a thriller/romance, with the reader wondering if the detectives and attorneys are going to be able to successfully prosecute the bad guy, as well as whether or not spunky Sami and the very charming Max will be able to work through the challenges and complexities of their relationship.

I was so drawn into their story that at one point, after falling asleep while reading the book late at night, I actually dreamed I was there in the peaks of Colorado with them. Theirs was a story I wanted to go back to throughout the day as I was doing other things, and I would welcome a future novel centered on the two of them.

I really like the title of the book; it seems to refer not only to literal clues left by the perpetrator, but also to the comings and goings and life-styles of the book’s characters who live in Colorado’s snowy mountains.

Highly recommended.

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