Beca Lewis: Imagining the goodness of joy and love

Breathe in love, breathe in nature, breathe in stillness, breathe in beauty, breathe in joy. Breathe out and share that with everyone.

Everyone knows about breathing. We breathe in. We breathe out. Can’t breathe out first.

That’s the order. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Funny how often we don’t apply that to our life. We spend our life, before receiving.

I could be talking about money because yes, we often spend before having it.

When I was nineteen, newly married with a baby, I wanted a rug for our apartment. Then, as now, I loved designing how rooms look, and I knew that a blue-green rug would be the perfect base for everything else. Hey, it was the sixties!

So, I saved. I was going to college, had a child, working part-time jobs after school, and still, somehow I saved enough until I could buy that rug.

My grandmother asked me how I managed to have a new rug and I said, “I saved for it,” and she nodded and said, “You’ll be all right.”

Beca Lewis

I haven’t always followed my own advice, but I am returning to it. Because spending before we have it, is like breathing out before we breathe in.

You know what happens then right?

But, that is minor compared to what we do in our daily life. We are so busy and so active and so preoccupied that we don’t take the time to sit down and think, and listen, or even get enough sleep.

We give before we get.

Sooner or later, there is no more breath to give, and we wonder why we are ill in mind and body.

The air that we that breathe in surrounds us. We don’t have to work at finding it. Although, we do have to work at keeping it clean. However, the air being dirty is a result of living without thinking or breathing out before breathing in.

But, the metaphor stands. What we need to breathe in is here, freely given. Breathing in, we automatically breathe out.

Most of us have to relearn how to breathe naturally, relaxed. In the same way, most of us have to learn to stop our lives and breathe in.

We have to relearn to listen to the still small voice. Take in the sounds and feelings of nature. Stop. For hours. For days.

We don’t feel guilty for breathing in. But, most of us feel guilty for stopping the rush of life. Stopping doing things.

The world will continue to turn if we take the time to first breathe life in. When we breathe out with that fullness of understanding, we will be much more effective.

Our actions will benefit others.

We will be more like trees.

Trees breathe in and breathe out and their breath benefits every living thing. In fact, everything about a tree benefits every living thing. They are the standing people, teaching us that every bit of who we are is for the benefit of everyone, but first, we must breathe in.

Otherwise, we are in survival and panic mode. And we all know what that looks like. Stress. Greed. Fear. Misunderstanding. Me first.

Kindness disappears. Greed takes over. Good judgment vanishes.

None of us want that.

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in love, breathe in nature, breathe in stillness, breathe in beauty, breathe in joy. Breathe out and share that with everyone.

Be still and receive. First.

As you sit in stillness, perhaps in meditation, imagine this.

As you breathe in, imagine all the goodness, abundance, joy, and love of the universe flowing towards you. Let it fill your being. Don’t worry about the breath out. It will take care of itself.

Keep imaging the universe flowing to you; even when you are busy with life.

And whether we understand the source or it’s fullness doesn’t matter. We know that it is the expression of an infinite intelligent love, and we are one with it.

Breathe it in. It will breathe itself out.

Beca Lewis is the author of Living in Grace. Please click HERE to read more about her work.

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