Dream Review of A Death on the Wolf


A Death on the Wolf by G. M. Frazier has been named a Top 5 Finalist for Best Indie Book of 2012 by Jeff Bennington and the Kindle Book Review.

Frazier points out, “When Stephen asked me to write “The Review of My Book I Always Wanted Someone To Write,” I knew I did not have to write it; it had already been written by one of my readers.  Not long after A Death on the Wolf was published, I got an e-mail from a reader who had purchased a copy on Smashwords.  He related to me not only how much he enjoyed the novel, but why he enjoyed it, and how much it had moved him.  His e-mail to me was the sort of “review” every writer longs for and I asked him if he would consider putting his thoughts out there for other potential readers to see.  He subsequently posted the following review on Smashwords and Goodreads:”

A lot happened in the summer of 1969. Man first set foot on the moon.  Hurricane Camille devastated large parts of the Gulf Coast states.  Nelson Patrick Gody, of Bells Ferry, Mississippi, celebrated his 16th birthday and had things happen to him and around him that would change his life forever.  The term “coming of age” is often overused – but not here.  This novel explores the bittersweet pleasure and agonizing distress of teen-age friendship and first love – and the unfathomable menace of pure evil.

I found the characterizations to be nothing short of astonishing.  Until I read this story, I thought that only Charles Dickens had the seemingly magical gift of letting the reader, in a scant handful of words, seem actually to see the scene almost like a photograph, and of consistently presenting dialog so true to life that you’d think you were actually hearing the characters speak.  Well, I now think that G. M. Frazier shares that talent, and very often to the same degree.  Seldom have I encountered fictional characters who took on such vivid, three-dimensional life that, even without detailed descriptions, I felt I actually knew them.  That’s what happened in reading this book.  Two or three times the exquisite exactness of Mr. Frazier’s word choice actually left me breathless, with a “Yes! That’s exactly right” reaction.

The story itself is sometimes funny, often heart-rending, and just about impossible to put down.  The descriptions of daily life are so bullseye perfect that time and again they took me back to my own childhood and teen years, now way over a half century past.  I don’t mind a bit saying that this book moved me to tears a dozen times.  I hated like anything to leave some of the characters behind.  I felt they were my friends by the book’s end.

I will definitely be reading A Death on the Wolf again . It is not apt to leave my mind—ever.  It’s simply a wonder, and, I think, a great gift from a very talented writer.  If you’re disappointed by this book, I despair of knowing what one to suggest to you.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

To Purchase a copy, click here: A Death on the Wolf

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