Authors Showcase: Villains Now And Then

The Book: The Maltese Felon

The Author: Renee Pawlish

The Story: When an attractive female client begs Reed Ferguson to find her prize-winning Maltese show dog stolen from her back yard, Reed suspects he may be channeling Ace Ventura: Pet Detective rather than his hero, Humphrey Bogart.

It sounds like a simple case, but things take a dangerous turn and Reed discovers that man’s-best-friend can attract some decidedly unfriendly characters!

Review: “I enjoyed this one very much, likely because Renee has a deft touch with the genre.  Her style is not to hammer the reader over the head, but rather to use subtly and light touches of humor appropriate to her story and wonderful references to old movies.  But underneath all that there is a serious story with surprising plot twists.  Her subtle touch and sound mechanics make for a nice flow and a smooth pleasurable read.”

Review: “What a great story!  Renee captures the feeling of the old film noir detective films and brings it in to the modern world.  Reed is charming and witty and has a sense of decency, just like Bogie in The Big Sleep, Reed’s favorite movie.

If you enjoy the Alphabet Series with Kinsey Millhone by Sue Grafton, you will enjoy Reed, written brilliantly by Renée Pawlish.  Reed reminds me of a younger, male Kinsey as he narrates throughout the book.”

Review: “Reed Ferguson is a likable fellow with a knack for getting himself in trouble.  Both characteristics make this story a fun read complete with quirky characters and exciting plot twists.

“A modern day mystery complete with feds, damsel in distress and a cadre of dastardly villains, not to mention a delightful touch of noir.  If you’re looking for a good detective series, this is the right place to start.”

The Book: The Sorcerer’s Confession

The Author: Susannah Morgan

The Story: Charles Sutton, ghost, has been and can be anything he wants. He can harm or heal at his sole discretion, see beyond form and distance, and travel anywhere on the planet in a heart beat. Think of a crime; he’s done it. Think of sexual liaisons beyond your wildest dreams; he’s had them. He’s the villain we love to forgive.

If Charles Sutton were to present himself in your living room, and ask you to become the author of his confession; you would not refuse. Your fear would evaporate in the aura of his charisma, and you would be compelled to travel with him on a magical odyssey of the bizarre and the impossible. During 200 years of war and peace with his nemesis, Galloway, the Lord of Darkness, Sutton is plagued by madness and murder, love and hate, is lost and then finally redeemed. This is his first story.

Review: “I am primarily a nonfiction reader, so when a friend gave me a copy of The Sorcerer’s Confession, I wasn’t expecting too much. After the first 20 pages, I couldn’t put it down. Morgan spins a tale that takes you around the world, through great moments in history, and even multiple states of being- all through the tortured mind of a wonderfully duplicitous sorcerer.

“Entangled in a dark, cosmic struggle to be free of the evil that conceived him, the sorcerer’s confession is awash in gripping intrigue, erotic interludes, and powerful forces, played out by a beautifully developed cast of characters. I am anxiously awaiting Morgan’s next great work!”

Review: “In Charles Sutton, author Susannah Morgan has created a thoroughly engaging, and quite deadly, character for the reader to follow with horror and amusement on a macabre ride down the centuries, as the loveable monster (officially “Assassin to the Crown”)loves and murders his way from the bloody tumbrils of the French Revolution to the slave plantations of the New World. On the way, he learns a thing or two about life, the universe and stuff like love. This is a rollicking read, full of inventiveness and wit.”

Review: Charles Sutton is a sorcerer and a ghost. He lived his mortal life in the 18th century, and was killed during the French Revolution. Now he has contacted Katherine – Kate to her friends – in order to dictate to her his confession, in an attempt to rid himself of the negativity and connection to his old sorcerer master.

“That is the basic premise of the story, and the idea of Charles as a ghost who steals the bodies of others in his attempts to communicate with humans was such a good one that I was hooked. I begged the author to let me read and review these books for her (including the sequel, The Sorcerer’s Promise); thankfully, she agreed. Watching the life and afterlife of Charles unfold was fascinating; the characters are so well-drawn that they feel like my friends, and I was sad to finish the book. However, I am excited to read the next one.

“In addition to a fascinating, and obviously well-researched, story, the book provides some wonderful metaphysical truths about being, consciousness and how to best live in this world. I highly recommend this most wonderful book to people who enjoy a good story, a strongly reality-based historical fantasy, and those who are searching for enlightenment. While there are a number of scenes that are quite dark, it is all part of Charles’ life path, and important to the story. Read it – you’ll love it as much as I did!”

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