More of the 100 Indie Books You Should Read Before You Die

Great works of literature are being produced by wonderful independent authors who are breaking the mold in the literary world of fiction.

Too many literary sources completely omit or overlook Indie Books when compiling their lists of the 100 books you should read before you die. They showcase the legends, the classics.

Yet, we are fortunate to have a lot of outstanding books by outstanding indie authors in today’s literary marketplace. We are continuing our series featuring great indie books you should definitely read in your lifetime, knowing that the list will always change with the passing years and with the release of new books.

Here, in no particular order, are the five books we are featuring today.


By Christoph Fischer

It’s World War II and Ludwika Gierz, a young Polish woman, is forced to leave her family and go to Nazi Germany to work for an SS officer. There, she must walk a tightrope, learning to live as a second-class citizen in a world where one wrong word could spell disaster and every day could be her last.

Based on real events, this is a story of hope amid despair, of love amid loss . . . ultimately, it’s one woman’s story of survival.

Editorial Review: “This is the best kind of fiction—it’s based on the real life. Ludwika’s story highlights the magnitude of human suffering caused by WWII, transcending multiple generations and many nations. WWII left no one unscarred, and Ludwika’s life illustrates this tragic fact. But she also reminds us how bright the human spirit can shine when darkness falls in that unrelenting way it does during wartime.

“This book was a rollercoaster ride of action and emotion, skilfully told by Mr. Fischer, who brought something fresh and new to a topic about which thousands of stories have already been told.”



By Claude Bouchard

Montreal, the long, hot summer of 1996, and in the dark of night, moving like a shadowy wraith, a vigilante prowls the city’s streets. The targets of his bloody rampage, the worst of the worst; murderers, gangbangers, rapists…

Six months, sixteen murders and the harried police are still without a clue, until they receive an email from the assassin himself. Lieutenant Dave McCall, head of Montreal’s Special Homicide Task Force, needs help to crack the secrets of the killer’s taunting message.

He calls on an expert, Chris Barry, who runs a security firm specializing in computer communications. Together, McCall and Barry launch a grim quest to track down a man who preys on predators – an urgent quest to bring this remorseless killer to justice.

But whose justice will prevail? Theirs, or the Vigilante’s?


The Last Victim

By Jordan Dane

When he sleeps, the hunt begins.

When a young hunting guide from a remote island in Alaska is found brutally murdered, his naked body is discovered in the Cascade Mountains outside Seattle–the shocking pinnacle to a grisly Totem of body parts. Nathan Applewhite is the fourteenth victim of a cunning serial killer who targets and stalks young men.

With the body count escalating, FBI profiler Ryker Townsend and his specialized team investigate the gruesome crime scene. They find no reason for Nate to have mysteriously vanished from his isolated home in Alaska before he ended up in the hands of a sadist, who has been taunting Ryker and his team in a sinister game of ‘catch me if you can.’

But Townsend has a secret he won’t share with anyone–not even his own team–that sets him on the trail of a ruthless psychopath, alone. The intuitive FBI profiler is plagued by recurring nightmares–seen through Nate’s dead eyes–that slowly chips away at his mental stability.

Is he burning out and losing his mind–becoming unfit for duty–or is the last victim reaching out to him from the grave? Townsend sees horrific flashes of memory, imprinted on the retinas of a dead man, the last image Applewhite saw when he died.

Ryker must piece together the fragments. Each nightmarish clue brings him closer to a killer who knows how to hide in plain sight and will see him coming, but when the dead man has the skills of a hunting guide, he has the perfect ally to track down a killer–the last victim.



By Marjorie Swift Doering

In a rundown, old house, clear evidence of a murder exists in the absence of a body. Before Detective Ray Schiller and his partner can find the killer, they must first locate and identify the victim. Devastating evidence makes a quick resolution to the case critical.

The urgency of the situation forces them to grudgingly accept the help of an up-and-coming psychic known for finding the remains of missing persons. Meanwhile, a young woman drags Ray into a baffling situation, claiming the new detective he is mentoring, her fiancé, deceived, abandoned, and beat her.

That’s disturbing enough, but the detective swears he has never seen her before. While trying to steer clear of that situation, Ray focuses on the murder case and finds the psychic’s revelations are impressive but increasingly troubling.

Not even she can predict the conclusion of the troubling investigation.

Dead Storm

By Helen Hanson

A city lay in ruins because he couldn’t stop a psychopath.

His business is nearly bankrupt. Everything he’s built teeters toward collapse.

But medical hackers have taken control of people’s bodies. Clint is the only one who can stop them.

Everyone wants a piece of him. But how much can a man take before he gives up?

What if all he has isn’t enough?

When children are taken hostage, Clint finds the connection to the medical hackers. But not before innocent people die.
And now, the threat hangs over the White House. Clint’s suffered massive personal losses. But he’s expected to ignore his own predicaments and chase a monster. A monster created by the CIA.

How could they possibly expect Clint to stay sober on this mission?

How can he stop a madman who has nothing left to lose?

Another twisty thriller that you’ll race through because this time Clint battles his demons and a killer.

Get a copy and find out if Clint can even save himself.

Previous Books Selected: Sleeping Tigers by Holly Robinson, Wings of Mayhem by Sue Coletta, Blood Orchids by Toby Neal, The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams by Jeff Russell, Blood Land by R. S. Guthrie, Deadly Chocolate Addiction by Sally Berneathy, Circle of Hurt by Jim H. Ainsworth, Dancing on Air by Uvi Poznansky, Army of Worn Soles by Scott Bury, Trouble in Glamour Town by S. R. Mallery, Mateguas Island by Linda Watkins, Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die by Kelly Marshall, The Compost Pile by Stephen Woodfin, The Hollow Man by Paul Hollis, Avenger of Blood by Gae-Lynn Woods, Tabula Rasa by Gordon Bickerstaff, A Silver Medallion by James R. Callan, The Girl in the Window by Jake Needham.

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